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Author Archive - Bojana Petković

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5 Easiest Kit Airplanes to Build from Scratch

For all of you who have mastered assembling IKEA furniture, and are dreaming to fly high in the sky, we’re giving you 5 easiest kit airplanes to......(read more)
Easiest Jobs to Get Right Out of College

12 Easiest Jobs to Get Right Out of College

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so, let’s cut to the chase right away — our list of 12 easiest jobs to get right out of college......(read more)

7 Easiest Private and Fighter Jets to Fly

When it’s not enough just to fly in a fighter jet, but you’d rather fly one yourself, then purchasing one of these 7 easiest private and......(read more)
15 Biggest US Government Cover Ups of All Time

11 Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics

A warning notice: if you’ve been advised by your doctor not to get upset over reading political hypocrisy examples, you’d better steer clear......(read more)
Tricky IQ Questions and Answers

25 Tricky IQ Questions and Answers

If brain teasers are your idea of relaxation, put on your thinking caps for our 25 tricky IQ questions and answers! We promise to deliver you some......(read more)
Whitest Cities in the South

16 Easiest Karaoke Duets to Sing for Beginners

16 easiest karaoke duets to sing for beginners are just perfect for all those (lousy) singers who need a bit of support on stage. It doesn’t matter......(read more)
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7 Easiest IKEA Furnitures to Assemble

If you’re sick and tired of those confusing IKEA furniture assembly tips, try something from our list of the least complicated furniture, i.e.,......(read more)

15 Easiest Karaoke Songs for Guys

If you’re a guy looking for a way not to embarrass himself and still attend a karaoke party, here are 15 easiest karaoke songs for guys. You’......(read more)
Professions With the Highest Suicide Rates in America

7 Easiest Illnesses to Fake or Ways to Get Disability Benefits

In case you’ve been wondering how to get disability benefits while you’re in perfect health, here are 7 easiest illnesses to fake or ways......(read more)
16 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World in 2017

15 Easiest Argumentative Issues to Write About

If writing long, argumentative essays has never been your thing, and you have one to write and impress your tutor, you will absolutely love our 15 easiest......(read more)
10 Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor

10 Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor

If you wanna know how to convince a doctor you are sick when you’re actually fit as a fiddle, here’s a list of 10 easiest illnesses to fake......(read more)
25 Funniest Math Jokes, Riddles and Pick up Lines Ever

25 Funniest Math Jokes, Riddles and Pick up Lines Ever

If you feel like escaping work and having a laugh for a moment, here are our 25 funniest math jokes, riddles and pick up lines ever! Math is one serious......(read more)
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15 Countries with the Nicest Guys in the World

All the single ladies (or guys) out there, gather round and check out these 15 countries with the nicest guys in the world! Because when we say nice,......(read more)
Worst States for Doctors to Practice Medicine

10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants

For all you Americans looking for an easy and fast immigration country, here’s a list of 10 countries seeking American immigrants! Being a US citizen......(read more)
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11 Biggest Illegal International Arms Dealers of All Time

If you’re interested in illegal arms trade around the world, then our list of 11 biggest illegal international arms dealers of all time will prove......(read more)
Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

10 Most Profitable Crimes to Commit

Forget about that silly old saying “crime doesn’t pay” and look at the crimes that pay the most in our list of 10 most profitable crimes......(read more)
crime, child, concept, stop, mistreatment, counseling, abuse, trauma, bully, nobody, violence, outreach, campaign, sign, household, humiliation, recognizing, reduce, bruise, domestic violence

10 Professions with Highest Rate of Domestic Violence

For all of you wondering in which group evidence suggests that the rates of domestic violence are most prevalent, we have prepared a list of 10 professions......(read more)
17 Countries With Universal Health Care in 2017

6 Best Healthcare Jobs for Felons and People with Misdemeanors

If what you need is a list of felony friendly medical careers, you’ve come to the right place because here are 6 best healthcare jobs for felons......(read more)
17 American Pop Culture Debate Topics for Today

17 American Pop Culture Debate Topics for Today

You’ll find out what whole America has been raging about in 2017 when you read about 17 American pop culture debate topics for today! By definition......(read more)

15 Best Cigarettes in the World

If you’re a smoker with a taste for fine cigarettes, here are 15 best cigarettes in the world! You’ve finally come to a place which isn’......(read more)
15 Good Debate Topics for Kids

15 Good Debate Topics for Kids

The following 15 good debate topics for kids make an excellent read if you’re looking for debate topics for elementary students or even interesting......(read more)
10 Best Selling Consumer Products in China

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in China

In case you’ve been wondering which products are in high demand in China, or what 18.67% of the total world population loves spending their money......(read more)
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12 Largest Hydroelectric Dams and Power Plants in the World

Prepare to feel utter amazement after reading about 12 largest hydroelectric dams and power plants in the world. These constructions are of such gigantic......(read more)
Copyright: fractaltim / 123RF Stock Photo

11 Largest Hydroelectric Dams in USA

If we asked you to name some of the largest hydroelectric dams in USA, would you be able to recall more than one or two? Hopefully, you should have......(read more)
Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

11 Highest Paying Countries for MBA Graduates

If you have already read our 11 Highest Paying Countries for Business Majors, then the next logical step in your career is checking out 11 Highest Paying......(read more)
Top 10 Drug Free Countries in the World

Top 10 Drug Free Countries in the World

If you think that our list of top 10 drug free countries in the world is going to be just another list of countries with the strictest drug laws in the......(read more)
12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in February

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in February

Not only are 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in February simply perfect for your summer vacation in the middle of winter, but they......(read more)

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in January

If you wish to spend white Christmas with your family, but still indulge yourself with a nice and affordable vacation, we’re giving you the list......(read more)

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in December

If you’re wondering where to spend Christmas this year and which is the best Latin American country to visit, check out these 12 best places to......(read more)
15 Good Debate Topics for Kids

11 Controversial Questions for Debate and Persuasive Writing

Whether you would like to pick up a fight or just write an interesting essay, reading 11 controversial questions for debate and persuasive writing will......(read more)
Easiest Majors to Take in College That Pay Well

16 Good Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

If you’re looking for some good side jobs to make extra money, you’ve come to the right place for here are 16 good side hustles to make......(read more)
10 Uncommon Genetic Mutations in Humans

10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals

Rest assured that 10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals is one jaw-dropping list! Let’s start by shocking you right away! Did......(read more)
Easiest Ways to Ignore Someone Who Is Ignoring You

14 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice

If you’re wondering how to skip work and not get in trouble, here are not five, not ten, but 14 good excuses to miss work on short notice! Let&#......(read more)
15 Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English

10 Most Competitive Medical Fellowships in America

Hopefully, Match Day will be your lucky day after you finish reading our list of 10 most competitive medical fellowships in America. Match Day is when......(read more)
15 Most Sexually Open Countries in the World

15 Best Part-Time Jobs to Meet Rich Men or Lots of Women to Get Laid

If you want to know how to end your dry spell, read about 15 best part-time jobs to meet rich men or lots of women to get laid! All right, so it’......(read more)
15 Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English

10 Countries Where Doctors Are Needed Today

If you’re tired of your CV being rejected or still working under a contract for a limited period of time, check out our list of 10 countries where......(read more)
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15 Best Paying Jobs for Women: List of Trades for Females

For all those open minded and hard working women out there who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty (literally) here’s a list of 15......(read more)
13 Most Profitable Small Businesses

13 Most Profitable Small Businesses

If you type the most profitable small businesses into your search engine, you will pretty soon realize most websites are simply sharing the same information......(read more)

10 Pharmacist Shortage Countries in Need of Pharmacists in 2017

For all those young aspiring pharmacists out there, here are pharmacist shortage countries in need of pharmacists in 2017.  Pharmacists. Isn’t......(read more)
Easiest Majors to Take in College That Pay Well

10 Most Profitable Businesses You Could Start With Little Money

Our list of most profitable businesses you could start with little money is the perfect answer to your prayers beginning with: “I want to start......(read more)
old, group, friends, leisure, fun, years, european, happiness, embracing, walking, 60-65, people, caucasian, elderly, women, togetherness, holidays, lifestyle, beach,

11 Cities with Best Healthcare for Seniors and People Over 50 Years Old

When you start looking for best places to live when you are over 50 years old or best place to grow old, we are pretty positive what you actually have......(read more)

15 Most Fun, Exciting Countries in the World

If you have itchy feet and want to find fun countries to research, the best travel destination for you would be one of our 15 most fun, exciting countries......(read more)
Top 25 Countries with Highest Foreign Currency Reserves in the World

7 Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies and Coins to Mine in 2017

If you have money to burn, how about investing in 7 most profitable cryptocurrencies and coins to mine in 2017?  Maybe you’ve already been wondering......(read more)
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10 Best Vacations for Senior Citizens with Limited Mobility

If you’ve been looking for best vacations for senior citizens and vacations with little walking, look no further, because here are 10 best......(read more)
student, school, high, american, african, teen, caucasian, group, studying, human, pupil, friends, 17, on, hanging, years, teenage, boy, sitting, horizontal, break, out, multi-

12 Best Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

Not the most expensive, not the most exclusive, but simply the best boarding schools in the world in 2017. Our ranking isn’t based only according......(read more)

11 Best Franchises to Own Under 50K in 2017

One of the easiest ways of earning money is through buying a franchise, so here are best franchises to own under 50K in 2017. Some people have heard......(read more)
Most Profitable Franchises to Buy in 2015

11 Low Cost Franchises With High Profit in 2017

Instead of writing 11 low cost franchises with high profit in 2017, we might just have set 11 easy franchise opportunities as our title. Some of these......(read more)

11 Best Group Songs for Talent Shows

At an audition all your hard work comes to just one song, so here are best group songs for talent shows to choose from and win that competition! Talent......(read more)

16 Easy Songs to Sing That Make You Sound Good

“And Iiiiii will always loooove youuuuuu…..”- if you know you won’t ever be able to pull this off without the neighborhood cats......(read more)
10 Things Fraternities Look for in Rushees

10 Things Fraternities Look for in Rushees

It’s that time of year again, so here is a must-read list of 10 things fraternities look for in rushees! You’ve just arrived at college, and......(read more)