11 Most Profitable Food Items Sold in America in 2018

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We must admit our list of 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018 is basically a list of the highest profit margin food. If you’re a typical American consumer, this is what you’ll most probably be eating in 2018. If you’re a restaurant owner, these are the foods that you can charge very, very well.

As you have already noticed, health and wellness have become quite trendy. Wherever you go, there’s an advertisement or two about the health benefits of certain food. Manufacturers believe the key to success is labeling food with “zero sugar”, “fat-free”, “low in oil”, “gluten-free” and so on. Actually, that has nothing to do with our freedoms as consumers. Those “free” labels are only trying to limit our shopping habits into opting for a product that is, let’s say, low-fat. We’re constantly being programmed to fill our shopping cart with this restricted food (which is in contrast very rich in preservatives). But is that really working? No, not really. As you will see from our list, the most profitable items aren’t baby spinach or avocado. Sorry, food bloggers and restaurant critics. The actual truth is much more different.

Most Profitable Food Items Sold in America in 2018


Truth be told, we did research on food trends in America for 2018 and read posts by the New York Post and Fine Dining Lovers to see which would be the most profitable products to sell in 2018. Apparently, Jackfruit, coconut, and charcoal are going to be on restaurant menus in 2018 with the healthy food, vegetarianism, and veganism trend continuing. But do you honestly see an average American ordering coconut dishes every week? Hardly. Or developing a taste for moldy food? We’re not kidding, that’s the upcoming trend in upscale restaurants.

Not surprisingly, these are in such sharp contrast to the low cost products with a high profit margin for restaurants from Cheat Sheet. The list consists of 15 most overpriced foods on restaurant menus with percentages showing how much the final price is bigger than the cost of the original ingredients. However, we didn’t simply rank them from the lowest to the biggest. Firstly, we only paid attention to the ones which have specific data. Secondly, the latest information on McDonald’s banishing cheeseburgers from Happy Meals in 2018 will certainly lower the cheese consumption (cheese on cheeseburgers, to be more precise). After all, this is the most competitive fast food franchise and Happy Meals make up for 30% of their profits.

In addition to that, there are articles by Bloomberg and Quartz firmly stating that in 2018 Americans are going to eat 222 pounds of certain food (per person!). We also checked it with World Resources Institute and got a confirmation from Broaster about how inexpensive it is for a restaurant business. With these predictions, that should be the greatest high margin product for wholesale, too.

Should you be interested in 10 high margin food products to build a business around, you can read about it in our article. For those of you who are more into the most profitable products to sell on eBay or Amazon, these would be stuffed animals, seasonal items, clearance items, and things “made in occupied Japan”.

Finally, let’s see what the Americans will be munching and sipping this year according to our 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018!

11. Wine

By wine, we mean the second-best wine. Usually, there’s the most expensive, and the less expensive version of almost the same quality. Or so you are programmed to think.

Most Profitable Food Items Sold in America in 2018


Let’s see the top ten most profitable food items sold in America in 2018, shall we?

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