10 Rainiest Cities in the US in 2017

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When the sky is dark and gloomy, and the rain is about to fall any minute, at least you can comfort yourself you don’t live in on of the 10 rainiest cities in the US in 2017. These are the cities with most rainy days in the US, and that means the choice of your activities is pretty much defined by the chances of rainfall. Or perhaps you are already living in the rainiest place in the continental US? Let’s find out.

Living in one of the rainiest cities in the world can have its perks and benefits. You’re most probably not that affected by the weather, and the overcast sky doesn’t make you sleepy because it’s just another ordinary day for you and your fellow citizens. You’d be surprised how much people from warmer or sunnier areas tend to whine about the slightest drizzle. Therefore, it could be said that you’re in luck! Also, it’s not as if you’re living in one of the cities with most rainy days in the world! Find out how fortunate you are by reading our article about 10 cities with most rainy days in the world. It’s not just about the annual amount of rain, but the number of rainy days per year. That means waking up in a lot of grey mornings. The article also gives you the answer to what is the most rainy city in the world (spoiler alert: it’s not in the US).

What is the cloudiest city in the United States? That would be Buffalo, New York, with 311 murky days. As for the rainiest state in the US, that would be… Hawaii. Somewhat surprisingly, the dream vacation destination is known for its large precipitation, and it is officially the part of the United States that gets the most rain. But let’s see know how we got to the statistics for the rainiest city in the US in 2017.

We looked at Gore-Tex first to see which cities are proclaimed to be the place in the US gets the most rain according to their average rainfall. However, the amount changes basically every year, so we had to look for the year 2017 statistics. If a city had the title of the rainiest city in the US in 2016, that doesn’t necessarily mean it held the same position in 2017. For that reason, we went to Weather Underground and looked for the total amount of precipitation from January 1st to December 31st last year. Finally, we ranked them accordingly. What is more, you’re also going to find out which is the wettest month of the year, and the average annual rainfall for each city. The precipitation amount is given in inches.

What cities get the most rain in the US? Well, if it’s the last year we’re talking about, then it would be these 10 rainiest cities in the US in 2017. Check out their weather and which months should be avoided if Singing in the Rain isn’t your favorite tune.

10. Houma

State: Louisiana

Precipitation in 2017: 5.5

Average annual rainfall: 11.35

Rainiest month: August

As you’re about to witness, Lousiana is not the place to be in August or September. You’ll see which city is to be avoided when the school starts.

Rainiest Cities in the US in 2017

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