27 Random Beauty Contest Questions

Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, is a great inspiration for our 27 random beauty contest questions. In case you didn’t know, Miss Gray also competed for the title Miss World in 2016, but failed to win even though she was in top 5, and even proclaimed as Beauty With A Purpose Winner. After two years of hard work, and practicing answering the (tricky) pageant questions, the beauty won her title. If you wish to make your dreams come true, too, then keep on reading!

Surprisingly, not all people are aware of what beauty contests imply. Being a beauty goes without saying, but the judges aren’t interested solely in candidates’ good looks. In order to find the perfect match of beauty, intelligence nobility, generosity, compassion, and a myriad of other amazing qualities, judges have come up with on stage pageant questions. What is more, you never know what kind of question you are going to get. Maybe you will get some hard pageant questions, or perhaps they will be very ordinary questions about your likes and dislikes. Still, the latter is just as important, since they are usually asked before the “difficult” ones. In order to get to the finals, you have to be ready for everything! Hence, for some funny beauty pageant questions, visit our article about 15 funny beauty pageant questions. In addition, our list of 27 random pageant questions will give you a few questions which you probably would never see coming.

27 Random Beauty Contest Questions

Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com

Now, let’s see where we obtained our beauty pageant interview questions and answers tips. We visited EntertainismPageant Planet, and Pageant News to find the most interesting questions. The questions are a real mix of different types which can occur during competition. As for some helpful tips, here and there we left a prospective answer, but it’s essential that you are original and that you remain yourself. There isn’t a universal instruction, such as a beauty pageant questions and answers pdf document to completely release you from your misery. The judges clearly notice copycats, so they never get very far.

For this reason, while reading through the following 27 random beauty contest questions, try to be original and honest in your potential answers.