15 Believable Excuses for Skipping Class in Middle School

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The school year has never looked more challenging, with Zoom lessons and all, but we still need 15 believable excuses for skipping class in middle school! Students are students, at home or in classrooms, and we all need a break sometimes. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 believable excuses for skipping class in middle school.

This time we’re not focusing on 12 good excuses for missing class to tell your parents, but only to the teachers. As a matter of fact, Mum and Dad can give a helping hand with some good excuses to miss a presentation or class, if they want to!

But first, let’s see what the year behind us has been. Judging by the latest figures, it was a tough one mentally, physically, and financially too. The US government set aside an amazing $912 billion as a Covid relief package with $82 billion going to the education section. Yet, some say the aid package has come way too late. 

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As for students themselves, proper education levels are very questionable this year. Overall, 56 million school-aged children between the ages of 5 and 17 were facing a lot more than usual. The pressure to get higher grades and excel (or maybe not get expelled), the everyday obligations and fair projects, all of these were added a huge burden that even the adult graduates were unprepared for — Covid19.

Who is going to school, who’s staying home, what do you need for a Zoom lesson, can one eat and attend a class, and should masks be worn at all times at school — that’s a whole lot of questions. Surely, one deserves a break! Now, how to get it? Well, that’s where good excuses for missing school come in! In order to find out, we’ve turned to DocFormats, The Current, and Student Assembly. Mind you, we didn’t shy away from checking with the school itself what kind of excuse is acceptable, so we checked what Stillwater Schools have to say about it. That’s why we can vouch these will be believable excuses for getting caught skipping class. So, you’re going to beat them with their own weapon!

Finally, we thought about checking out College Magazine. Yes, these are middle school excuses for absence, not college excuses, but we have to say they made some valuable points that had are perfectly applicable with middle school goers. Admittedly, they certainly have experience and remember which excuses work and which don’t. Now, about the ranking. It was tough, but we tried to rank them in the order of how feasible they are. The easier to do it, the better. The less props or people you need to involve, the higher it went on our list.

So, check our 15 believable excuses for skipping class in middle school out and get ready to (finally) chill!

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