6 Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs Worth Your Attention

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If you’ve got money on your mind, the best thing to do with it is investing in one of 6 ongoing and upcoming ICOs worth your attention. The best ICOs are right here waiting for you.

After reading about and investing in some of the 5 biggest ICOs in December 2017, the time has come for a little update. Cryptocurrencies are discussed on every corner, and people are even asking questions about upcoming ICOs on Reddit. It seems like a perfect investment. Bitcoin is a household name, and lots of people who invested in it by chance have turned out to be extremely rich. For this reason, everybody is waiting for their lucky break and investing in random cryptocurrencies hoping that they will earn a fortune sooner or later.

Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs Worth Your Attention

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But that’s the tricky part. How are you to know which cryptocurrency is the best? If you’ve taken a look at some ICO listing sites in the search for the best ICO to invest in 2018, you must’ve felt overwhelmed. Even if you are very knowledgeable about the whole process, it’s still hard to say which is the best upcoming ICO to solve all your financial problems. However, that’s where we cut in. Our list is mainly created for readers who aren’t very experienced when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but there is certainly some essential, most recent information for those regarding themselves experts in this field.

How is one to determine the best and most profitable ICO in the world? Admittedly, there are tons of different forecasts by experienced professionals, so trying to rely on just one or more parameters seemed like a waste of time. Instead, we did something fairly simple – looked for matching recommendations from different sources. It may come as a surprise that with such a plethora of ICOs it was hard to find the initial coin offering suggestions that referred to the same currency. One would imagine that when we compared the Top ICO list and The Merkle with Medium‘s suggestions and the ICO Hot List we would have a tough time choosing the most reliable currency. The situation was quite the opposite. Fortunately, Hacker Noon and Cryptobriefing had similar views on the potential success and ICO rating. There were seven ICOs recommended by our sources, however, one of them ended yesterday, so believe this is the best indicator of their reliability. Of course, you’ll find some more facts about them on our list. Also, always study the white paper thoroughly before making any decisions! This document gives you all the glory details about the ICO you’ve been thinking about.

By the way, we kept the list random for the mentioned reasons. All these ICOs have approximately the same chances of being successful.

However, that’s not the reason to waste your time! Some of these are expiring in a few days’ time! Take a quick look, do some research and get rich with one of these 6 ongoing and upcoming ICOs worth your attention!

6. NEX

This one is about to make the appearance these days again, so get ready to add it to your cryptocurrency ICO list. It must be mentioned that they “will never ask you to send funds to any wallet address”.

Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs Worth Your Attention


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