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10 Easiest Northwestern Schools to Get into in 2019

Having Northwestern among the most competitive universities with low acceptance rates, we decided to find out what are the easiest Northwestern schools......(read more)

7 Easiest NYU Schools to Get Into in 2019

What are the easiest NYU schools to get into in 2019? Let’s find out together. NYU is one of the largest private universities and it is a part of......(read more)
Best US Cities for One Night Stands

16 Best US Cities for One Night Stands

Spice up your American road trip map with the best US cities for one night stands. Since around 70% of Americans admitted they experienced at least one......(read more)
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15 Top States for Human Trafficking in 2019

Although the year has just begun, let’s see some predictions about the top states for human trafficking in 2019. Human trafficking is far from being......(read more)
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10 Easiest Nintendo Games for Kids in 2019

Today, we will go through some of the easiest Nintendo games for kids in 2019. We hope that parents will be satisfied with our choices just like their......(read more)
Countries with Lowest Abortion Rates in the World in 2018

10 Countries with the Lowest Teenage Pregnancies in the World

What are the countries with the lowest teenage pregnancy rates in the world? Or, in other words – where in the world teenagers are the most responsible......(read more)
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15 Worst Beauty Pageant Answers of All Time

While reading these 15 worst beauty pageant answers of all time, you simply won’t be able to refrain yourself from laughing, wondering, and sometimes......(read more)
Countries with Highest Rape Crime Statistics in 2018

16 Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2019

If you’re in the US (or planning to be) this year, and you know you’ll be struggling to make a living, it would be the best if you stayed......(read more)

12 Easiest New Languages to Learn for English Speakers

If you are eager to learn a new language, you better take a look at the easiest new languages to learn for English speakers. Even though English is one......(read more)
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15 Richest Arab Countries in 2018

It is well known that some of the Arab countries are among the richest in the world, but which are the richest Arab countries in 2018? Let’s find out......(read more)
Best US Cities for One Night Stands

15 Countries that Watch the Most Porn in 2018

Since 2018 has just ended, let’s see which are those countries that watch the most porn in 2018. Watching porn is an ordinary daily thing to a huge......(read more)
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13 Easiest Scams to Make Money on the Street

All ye gullible tourists out there, beware of these 13 easiest scams to make money on the street. These are super easy scams to make quick cash, and......(read more)
Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2018

8 Less Harmful Cigarette Brands in US and UK

Let’s see what are some of the less harmful cigarette brands in US and UK, if there are any at all. Not surprisingly, some of the top cigarette brands......(read more)
10 Gayest Countries In Europe

5 Most Sexually Liberated Churches or Religions in the World

Have you ever wondered what are the most sexually liberated churches or religions in the world? Let’s find out. Sexuality and religion (or church) seems......(read more)
Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

27 Best Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

Let’s see some of the best side hustles to make extra money. Side hustles are a great idea for those in need of more money, but also for those who......(read more)
Countries with the Most Single Females in the World in 2018

27 Random Beauty Contest Questions

Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, is a great inspiration for our 27 random beauty contest questions. In case you didn’t know, Miss Gray also competed......(read more)
Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2018

Top 10 Human Trafficking Cities in the World in 2018

The beginning of a new year is the time when we reflect at the outcomes of the previous one, so here are top 10 human trafficking cities in the world......(read more)
Easiest Jello Shot Recipes With Rum, Gin, Vodka, and Tequila

15 Best Selling Champagne Brands in the World 2018

Every special occasion deserves a toast with champagne, and knowing which are the 15 best selling Champagne brands in the world 2018 will give us an......(read more)
Best US Cities for One Night Stands

17 Best Tinder Bios for Guys to Get Laid

There are around 57 million Tinder users in the world, constantly chatting and editing their bios, but with these 17 best tinder bios for guys to get......(read more)
Evan El-Amin/

20 Controversial Debate Topics for Middle School

We can definitely vouch for one thing: while reading our 20 controversial debate topics for middle school, you’re bound to be completely baffled......(read more)

19 Controversial Debate Topics for High School

Finding some fascinating controversial debate topics for high school is important not only for getting good grades in classes, but also for developing......(read more)

15 Good Excuses To Miss Work For An Interview

Let’s face it, we all need some good excuses to miss work for an interview every once in a while! We’ve all been there. We finally got a call......(read more)
Best US Cities for One Night Stands

15 Best Countries for One Night Stands

If you’re thinking about spending holidays abroad, and you’re filling lucky, then you should pay a visit to one of the best countries for......(read more)
Best US Cities for One Night Stands

10 Countries With Most Unfaithful Wives

Did you ever wonder what are the countries with most unfaithful wives or if there even exists that kind of research? Naturally, with a delicate subject......(read more)
17 Countries With Universal Health Care in 2017

10 Doctor Specialties with Best Lifestyle

All medical specialties are stressful, as evidenced by almost two-thirds of US physicians who feel depressed and burned out, and it would be a smart move......(read more)

11 Best Inexpensive Bourbons Under $25 That Don’t Taste Cheap

We have great news for all bourbon fans out there – we found 11 best inexpensive bourbons under $25 that don’t taste cheap! Bourbon is one......(read more)
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10 Best Vacation Spots for Singles in Their 40’s

If you are looking for some of the best vacation spots for singles in their 40’s, you are in the right place. Of course, if the money is not a concern......(read more)
12 Royalty Free Background Music Sites for YouTube Videos

15 Highest Paid YouTubers of 2018

Have you ever wondered who are the highest paid YouTubers of 2018? YouTube is definitely one of the most popular video sites on the Internet today, but......(read more)
Least Racist States in the USA in 2018

15 Unfriendliest Cities in the US in 2018

The 15 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2018 indicate that we have a growing problem of intolerance in the country. In a country where the great Donald......(read more)
Luis Molinero/

16 Good Excuses to Miss Work for a Few Days

You’ll need these 16 good excuses to miss work for a few days, we guarantee you! It’s that time of the year again when the holidays are just around......(read more)
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10 Easiest Winter Olympic Sports to Qualify for

The Winter Olympics have recently ended, but if you would like to prepare for the next, here are some of the easiest winter Olympic sports to qualify......(read more)
15 Unhappiest, Most Depressing and Saddest Countries in the World

11 Countries With The Worst Modern Music In The World

Have you ever wondered which are the countries with the worst modern music in the world? Ever since the primitive society to this ultra-modern society......(read more)

The Top 5 Robo Advisor Apps of 2018

Retirement planning is an important part of all our lives and affects all and sundry. It pays well to start planning for retirement right from your youth......(read more)
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Five Reasons You Need a Day-Trading Mentor

So you’ve decided you want to be a stock trader? Well, that’s great, and many have succeeded and accomplished great things as traders – but bear......(read more)
Sergey Nivens/

15 Most Important Medical Discoveries of 2018

Science has helped us in ways we never would have imagined possible, as evidenced by the 15 most important medical discoveries of 2018. Can you think......(read more)
Easiest Islands to Get to in Caribbean

The 10 Best Islands to Visit in 2019

Around the world there are so many wonderful places that it is impossible not to please particular tastes. It does not matter if they are great mountains......(read more)
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5 Most Socially Responsible Companies in America

In a news cycle dominated by company cover ups, scandals and deceit, it’s become even more important to applaud companies who do well by doing good.......(read more)
Eliminate Credit Card Debt

5 Ways You Can Eliminate Credit Card Debt

You’ve been told time and time again to avoid credit card debt. You know it’ll drag you down, but that doesn’t stop you from pushing the limit.......(read more)
Ersler Dmitry/

10 Easiest Road Test Sites in NY and NJ

If you want to be sure that you will pass your driving test, check out some of the easiest road test sites in NY and NJ. But be sure that you also practice......(read more)
Subbotina Anna/

10 Hottest Selling Products in the USA in 2018

Do you have any idea what the hottest selling products in the USA in 2018 are? How could you, with the new trends being set so often? Of course, you can......(read more)
Copyright: felker / 123RF Stock Photo

10 Biggest Advertisers in the World

Their influence on your purchasing decisions is all around you, but do you really know who the biggest advertisers in the world are? The advertising......(read more)

Top Selling Beers in America in 2018

What are the top selling beers in America in 2018? Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and Americans are a big reason why. 43% of Americans......(read more)
Igor Normann/

10 Best Selling Tequilas in Mexico

The 10 best selling tequilas in Mexico are produced in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Tequila is synonymous with Mexico, just like champagne is with......(read more)
Copyright: yuliufu / 123RF Stock Photo

Top 10 Largest Companies in the World by Market Cap in 2018

Today we are counting down the top 10 largest companies in the world by market cap in 2018. The word of publicly traded companies is everything but boring......(read more)
Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs in US

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs in US

 If you’re interested in becoming a general surgeon, and you desperately want to prepare yourself for the next Match Season, then check out the......(read more)

7 Easiest Bones to Break Safely and Painlessly

Whether the curiosity or some weird intention brought you here, we will consider some of the easiest bones to break safely and painlessly. At least we......(read more)
Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

7 Easiest Nursing Schools to Get into in NYC

You should thank us because we have rounded up the 7 easiest nursing schools to get into in NYC for you! Getting into college you really want can be a......(read more)
countries with the most single females in the world in 2018

10 Good Excuses for Missing Class in High School and College

We all needed good excuses for missing class in high school and college at least once in our lifetime, and that is why we’ve decided to create this......(read more)
Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For

8 Easiest Olympic Sports to Qualify For

If you hadn’t been practicing any sports since you were a child (i.e., not have much experience in sports), maybe you would be interested to find out......(read more)
Credit Card Rewards

4 Straightforward Tips for Maximizing Your Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards have woven themselves into the very fabric of personal finances as they help consumers conduct financial transactions without being unnecessarily......(read more)