7 Easiest Natural Science Classes to Take in College

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Perhaps the title “7 easiest natural science classes to take in college” sounds a bit weird if you think there isn’t anything easy about science classes, but it turned out the other way. Actually, it seems that plenty of students would recommend taking some of them if you need extra points.

But, let’s start from the beginning. When talking about the easiest science class in college, we definitely don’t have the easiest science majors in mind. If a course is a major, there’s hardly anything breezy about it. And if you have already enrolled to study science, you’re going to pick what interests you the most, regardless of what everybody else is saying. Who cares about genetics and disease if it’s really solutions and experiments that warm your heart? It definitely requires a lot of time and effort to obtain the highest grade, but it’s very rewarding. On the other hand, if it’s your obligation to opt for one of the science classes, our list is going to be very helpful. Otherwise, you would’ve gladly taken up one of 10 easiest liberal arts classes to take, or 10 easiest humanities classes to take in college.

Easiest Natural Science Classes to Take in College

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Before we answer your question What natural science class should I take, we’ll reply to What is the easiest biology class to take. The answer is – none! Though some may claim Neurobiology: The Sleeping Brain is by far the least demanding course in Harvard, figures show the lowest GPAs are in Biology and Chemistry. Therefore, if a subject has any connection to biology, just avoid it. Luckily, there are plenty of astronomy, physics, earth science and human anatomy related minors to choose from.

So, how did we come up with our list? As we have previously mentioned, we separated the most and least challenging courses as a starting point. Next, we studied the suggestions by One Class (two universities), The Black Sheep Online, Campus Explorer, Society 19, and College Magazine. We noticed which ones were the most prominent when it comes to natural science classes. Expectedly, most of the suggestions were related to arts and films (for instance, you could study Twilight if you wish), but there were a few fun science classes in college which students agreed to be the easiest. They are taken from different universities, but you’ll get the picture. Most colleges have similar courses; it’s just the name that’s different. An introduction to law, for instance, can’t be too different everywhere, can it?

Even if you used to have the easiest science class in high school, you should still be able to pass one of these 7 easiest natural science classes to take in college with flying colors! So, let’s have a look at one part of your semester.

7. Medical Terminology

Before you freak out because it suggests medicine, let’s first say it’s an online course, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. More or less, if you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this is your dream minor.

Easiest Natural Science Classes to Take in College

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