17 Easiest, Best Countries to Find a Girlfriend

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If you’re single and ready to mingle, here’s our list of 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend! Finding your significant other will be a piece of cake here, and she’ll be a real sight for sore eyes, too.

Finding a girlfriend can be tough. Sure, everyone is saying how guys have it easy and this is a man’s world, but when it comes to dating, the tables have turned. Men have every right to feel confused nowadays. You’re expected to be a feminist (whatever that implies nowadays) and a perfect gentleman. Also, there’s a thin line between being a gentleman and a total wimp. Usually, it depends on a girl. And most girls don’t really know what they want, or hardly have they ever known. That’s exactly why you’re reading this. You’ve deserved some effortless dating, haven’t you?

Easiest, Best Countries to Find a Girlfriend

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In case you’ve decided to settle down and are looking for the best country to meet a wife, then our list of 10 easiest countries to find a wife is just the article for you. However, it appears most men haven’t become tired of all the chase just yet. Most of them are actually looking for the best country for one night stands or the easiest countries to get laid in the world. That’s the reason why our article about 10 easiest countries to get laid in the world is a huge hit. As for those of you who are too involved in the rat race to find a girlfriend or at least a one night stand, we already know a holiday is a time when you let yourself loose. That’s why we’ve prepared for you a list of best vacation spots to get laid. Next time you’re booking a holiday make sure it’s a destination from one of these 12 best vacation spots to get laid.

On the contrary, if you wish to know which are the hardest countries to get laid, those would be Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan among the others. Premarital sex is a taboo, and it brings along severe punishments. Therefore, unless you’re planning on getting married, simply avoid them. There are plenty of easiest countries to get laid to find on the map.

Here is how we put together our map, i.e., list. You’re looking for the easiest countries to find a girlfriend. That basically means you want to go to a country where the male population is scarce. The smaller the competition, the higher your chances of success with the opposite sex. There’s already a smirk on your face thinking how all the (girls’) eyes will be on you as a hard-to-find male. The countries with the lowest male-female ratio were defined by the UN and provided by Statistics Times. Our title also said “best”, and as we promised in our introduction, we have chosen the countries with the most beautiful women. Once again we used the official data by World Atlas about the prettiest women and girls on the planet. We weren’t biased, though. There are different forms of beauty in the world, and you have your preferences, but Miss Universe and Miss World titles are worthy indicators. We found countries with the highest number of titles in the list of population ratio and ranked them according to their male-female ratio.

The following are basically the best countries for dating. After all, our title says you’re looking for a girlfriend, not a one-night stand. But there are definitely high chances of getting some if you go to one of these 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend.

17. Colombia

Ah, the beautiful girls of South America… Perhaps the secret of all those stunning model-like Colombian girls lies in the fact that there’s a plastic surgery procedure done every five minutes.

Easiest, Best Countries to Find a Girlfriend

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