7 Countries with the Worst Orphanages in the World

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Whatever you do, don’t read this list of 7 countries with the worst orphanages in the world if you haven’t got the stomach for it. These countries have such horrible orphanages that it’s difficult to read through without a continuous sense of disgust.

What is wrong with today’s world? One would think that old orphanage abuse stories are a matter of the past. Everyone still remembers one of the worst orphanages in America and its abuse stories. The Tekakwitha Orphanage was finally demolished in 2010. Or the horror of the Ungerini Home for the Incurable in Romania. The horror story went viral after an adopted orphan shared his life story with the world. Let ‘s just say it took 13 operations to offset the effect of the institution. Another candidate for one of the worst orphanages in Europe is the infamous Mazanovsky orphanage in Russia. The footage of a member of staff beating children went viral in 2013 and brought attention to the inhumane living conditions.

Countries with the Worst Orphanages in the World


We have already discussed topics about the population of children without parents in 11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Orphans in the World. If you want to know which are the countries with the most orphans, read our article about countries with highest orphan population.

Sadly, the list of countries with the worst cases in orphanages is a long one. We read about the tortures in orphanages at Borgen Magazine, BBC, The Conversation, Women In and Beyond, Traveller, CNN, and Lumos. How were we to decide which orphanages are the worst? Should it be the children death rate, the number of abused cases, or the countries with the highest rate of children trafficking? Eventually, we opted for GDP per capita rate by the CIA. It may seem like a very ordinary criterion, but, as it is universally known, a country struggling financially will hardly make new investments. Therefore, the countries are listed from the “richest” to the poorest. The best orphanages in the world are probably located in the countries with the highest standard of living.

If you’re still up for it, here’s the harsh truth about 7 countries with the worst orphanages in the world. We have included some videos that you might find disturbing.

7. China

The most shocking story is one of the Nanning Orphanage in China’s Guangxi region. The South China Morning Post reported in 1993 that 90 percent of the girls admitted to the institution didn’t survive for long. The Human Rights Watch noted other orphanages also seemed to be involved in child elimination, rather than child protection. Do “China dying rooms” or “China death rooms” sound familiar? That would go hand in hand with the one-child policy, which consequently led to millions of baby girls being abandoned or sent to orphanages.

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