12 Countries with Highest Rape Crime Statistics in 2018

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Despite all the advances in human civilization, we still have issues with basic rights, freedoms, and sexual assaults, and we, unfortunately, had lots of material to examine while making the list of 12 countries with highest rape crime statistics in 2018. 

Rape crime is a ghastly act. It’s about violating someone’s body in one of the worst ways possible. What is more, victims have a hard time overcoming the humiliating incident. Hardly does anyone feel so ashamed, powerless and abused at the same time. Apart from psychological consequences, one of the worst scenarios is for a victim to remain pregnant. Even worse, in some countries, abortion is not an option, even if the pregnancy occurred without the consent of a girl or a woman. To fully realize how horrible the situation is, you should bear in mind that in such countries the law is the same for all victims, regardless of their age. As a consequence, a lot of teens (or even younger girls(!)), died during giving birth since their bodies aren’t fully developed to endure the giving birth process.

Countries with Highest Rape Crime Statistics in 2018

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The global rape statistics aren’t usually up to date, but even more shocking is the fact that it’s hard to say how accurate they are in the first place. As opposed to the murder of theft crime statistics, whose numbers are easy to determine, rape statistics worldwide don’t always give a clear picture since lots of rapes remain unreported. Once again, this is a very specific crime. Victims may choose to avoid reporting the crime due to the lack of support from their environment, too.

Countries with highest rape statistics aren’t usually the ones you might be expecting. To find the countries with highest rape statistics for 2018, we first started off with Knoema and their list in which we could see the tendencies in the past couple of years. Since 2018 is still in progress, there aren’t any rape statistics by country by the United Nations or any other organizations that are entirely valid for this year. Therefore, we took the list as a starting point and did thorough research on rape crimes in 2018. We read extensive information on the countries posted by The Local, SF Weekly, Iceland Review, Amnesty, Kaieteur News, The New Today, Deccan Chronicle, Columbia Tribune, Voice of EuropeNews24OSACABC NewsThe Star10 News, and Helsinki Times. We found the most recent information on rape crime in the countries with rising tendencies of rape crime. If there were no news in the headline about rape crimes, or a country was investing extra effort this year in preventing rape, we took it off our list. Finally, our list had to be random since the year is still on. The countries chosen are the ones which actually have the highest chances of rape crime occurring throughout the year for one reason or the other.

In case you’re interested in top 10 crime countries in the world, you can read our article about 11 countries with the highest crime rate per capita in the world: 2016 rankings, or 25 most dangerous countries for expats. As for which country has zero percent crime rate, the answer is – none! Perhaps Japan could be said to be the closest to it, according to its ranking by Numbeo. Maybe it’s one of the countries with lowest rape statistics, too, since it’s nowhere to be found in our primary source’s list.

Let’s see now in which countries you should be extra careful if you’re a female. Here are 12 countries with highest rape crime statistics in 2018, i.e., 12 countries to avoid in 2018 by female travelers.

12. Denmark

The rapes rate has increased by 232% since the Liberals came to power in 2015. Perhaps people feel more encouraged to report the crimes, or the number of crimes has increased.

Countries with Highest Rape Crime Statistics in 2018


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