10 Cities with Most Rainy Days in the World

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In case you’ve been wondering which city has the most rain, we present you these 10 cities with most rainy days in the world! An umbrella is a must if you’re headed this way, so unless you’re a real pluviophile (a person who loves rain), it would be best to set off somewhere else.

It’s been said that the weather exists so that people would have something to talk about. There are two types of people when it comes to rain: those who love it, and others who hate it. The first simply adore precipitation and say the sound of raindrops against the window pane is an instant stress relief, while the latter loathe the very idea of water drops falling down from the sky.

It’s hard to tell what place rains the most in the world unless we specifically make the difference between rainy days and average precipitation. If we’re talking about which place receives the highest rainfall in the world, that would be Mawsynram, Meghalaya, in India. This place holds the world record for the highest annual rainfall, and it is the rainiest place in the world with 11,873 mm (467 in) of rain every year. Meghalaya translates as “land of the clouds.” A perfect name for a place where it rains the most in the world. As for the rainiest countries in the world, check our article about 10 countries with the highest rainfall to see where it’s raining cats and dogs most of the year.

Similarly, we are discussing here what are the wettest cities in the world. We must emphasize once again that average rainfall by city world ranking isn’t the topic here. We’re dealing with the cities with the highest number of rainy days per year. Only in one case when the cities had the same number of days did we use an average annual precipitation as the deciding factor. You’ll see which are the rainiest cities in Europe, but for the US rains, you’ll have to wait for another article to appear. Also, these are some of the rainiest major cities in the world, i.e., villages, mountains or planets aren’t included in the list. As for our sources, we consulted World Weather Online, Trip Savvy, and the Telegraph to give us suggestions. In cases where the average number of rainy days was omitted, we found the information at Weather Base.

Finally, let’s see which are 10 cities with most rainy days in the world.

10. Zurich

Country: Switzerland
Rainy days: 123
Average precipitation (inch): 42.3
As you can see, the rainiest city in Switzerland has a lot of murky days, but the amount of rain is scarce compared to the others on the list.
Cities with Most Rainy Days in the World

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