10 Best Countries to Teach in International Schools

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Our list of 10 best countries to teach in international schools is practically about the best countries for teachers to emigrate to. Once you start searching for international teaching jobs, you’ll be met with an extensive list of opportunities, whichever the subject you teach. Let us give you a hand by narrowing the number of best countries to be a teacher.

It’s often overlooked that teaching is one of the noblest jobs. You are taking care of people and helping them learn the vital information for their future. What is more, your job usually involves shaping young minds and enticing them to become more open to new ideas, people, and cultures. A great teacher is simply invaluable. If the respect for you matches a high international school teacher salary, then you can be perfectly content. By the way, when talking money matters, some of the best countries to teach English and save money can be found in our article about 13 highest paying countries for teachers, or, more precisely, you can take a look at the 15 Highest Paying Cities for Teachers.

Best Countries to Teach in International Schools

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This is all nice and neat, but what qualifications do you need to be a teacher abroad? Well, it depends on a particular employer. Most of them are looking for some kind of an international certificate. Sometimes your university certificate is good enough, and sometimes you only need to be a native speaker of English in order to take up one of the English teacher vacancies in international schools. Another question frequently asked is:”Can I teach abroad with a PGCE?”. We heartily agree. Once again, most websites will recommend having a TEFL certificate, too, but you are also well aware there are plenty of native speakers out there who are doing their job without any university degree.

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure. The more prestigious the institution, the higher the degree they require from you.

It’s difficult to say what countries need English teachers the most. According to Bachelors Degree Online, the countries that are most desperate for English teachers are China, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Checz Republic. Once you take the geographical position and culture into account, it’s up to you to decide where is the best place to teach English abroad.

However, our list is meant for all teachers. In order to determine the best countries to teach in international schools, we looked for the most prestigious and expensive international schools at Business Insider and Expat Focus. Surely the most exclusive schools are the most desirable for teachers, too. Then, we searched for the ones which have the highest international schools salary scales and found them at Teachaway. Our last source was TIC Recruitment with best places to teach English abroad. Finally, once we gathered some 17 countries, the time has come to rank them according to what we believe is the deciding factor, and that is the human freedom index. The human freedom index is an indicator of an individual’s freedom concerning security and safety, religion, freedom of movement and trade, and other similar features. What is worth earning a fortune if you’re feeling a bit trapped?

We strongly believe we’ve chosen the most unbiased norm for ranking 10 best countries to teach in international schools. Take a look and start sending CVs!

10. Thailand

Freedom rank: 105

So many people choose it as a holiday destination. Why not prolong the holiday while earning money?

Best Countries to Teach in International Schools


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