25 Best Medical Schools with Highest Starting Salaries in America

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If you wish to enroll the best university and start getting serious cash the moment you graduate, read about 25 best medical schools with highest starting salaries in America!

Whichever medical school you enroll, you are very well aware there’s tons of work ahead of you. Being a physician is both lucrative and admirable, but it takes a lot of time and effort. There’s no doubt about doctors earning high salaries and people looking up to them, but it cost them more than they are willing to admit. First, there’s the tuition fee. Most of the schools on our list have tuitions around $50,000 (without room and board expenses). According to Student Loan Hero, the cheapest medical schools in the USA are Texas A&M College of Medicine and University of North Texas Health Science Center. Their tuition fee is just a bit over $13,000. Unfortunately, the best medical schools in the US are a bit more pricey. Just take a look at top 20 medical schools in the US rankings.

Best Medical Schools with Highest Starting Salaries in America

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Secondly, studying to become a health worker of any kind is no mean feat. Your job is extremely responsible. It’s human lives you’re dealing with, not a piece of machine. You are under stress during your studies, and it basically never ends. Once you begin to work, you are the person your patients depend on when it comes to their health or their life. Finally, studying to become a specialist in any field of medicine is a lengthy process. Especially if you decide to go for the one which provides you the highest earnings. This career requires four years of undergraduate study, then four years of medical school to get the M.D. degree, followed by three to eight years of hospital residency, as explained by Study. Can you already guess your future occupation?

Here’s what our research has led us to. Let us explain how we got to our list of best medical colleges with highest starting salaries. First, we decided to determine which health workers receive the highest salary right after graduation. Different sources from Career Trend gave answers which didn’t always match, but once we added them up and divided them to see the average value, one thing is for sure: if you wish to start earning big bucks the moment you leave college, you’d better train to become a surgeon. Once you finish your residency, you can expect an average salary of $253,000. Your colleagues at anesthesiology may earn a bit less – their average salary is $245,000. Either way, it seems you have to go to the operating room if you are to get rich fast.

Once we determined which major will get you the highest starting salary out of college, it was time to find the best general surgery medical schools. Surgery Schools provided us with an extensive list, and to make our research even more detailed, we read about colleges with highest salaries after graduation at Forbes. The universities which matched the highest earnings and great expertise were ranked higher on our list. In that way, you really got the most precise answer to which medical schools provide you with the greatest education, practice and are able to guarantee you will have a desirable salary the moment you graduate.

Truth be told, medical schools aren’t at the top of lists of colleges with highest paid graduates. Despite the fact that saving people’s lives should is priceless and therefore should be paid a fortune, that’s not actually the case. The consumer-oriented society is more focused on materialism. Harvey Mudd College is a liberal arts college where you have the highest chances of success after graduation. It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to engineering colleges with highest starting salaries, the first place on our list belongs to the university which is said to produce the highest paid engineers.

By the way, the more detailed information on the medical was taken from the US News and official websites of the universities in question. You’ll see some of them are recognized as the most pricey, or most renowned and valued universities in the USA.

As you will see, some universities have more than one medical school to boast with, so it’s up to you which city you will choose as your campus. Take a look at these 25 best medical schools with highest starting salaries in America and use it as an excellent starting point for your final decision.

25. University of Washington School of Medicine

Location: Seattle

As you will see, University of Washington seems like a safe bet.

Best Medical Schools with Highest Starting Salaries in America

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