15 Worst Beauty Pageant Answers of All Time

While reading these 15 worst beauty pageant answers of all time, you simply won’t be able to refrain yourself from laughing, wondering, and sometimes thinking: “And they let her get away with THAT???”. Despite their unfortunate answers, some of these beauties actually managed to obtain certain titles (though not the supreme one).

Beauty pageants – you can love them, or you can hate them. Either way, hardly anyone is impartial to the display of the gorgeous female features. True enough, beauty contests always leave us a bit amazed. Firstly, the girls who are competing are outstandingly beautiful. Secondly, they know how to show off their best traits, walk the walk, and give us their best smile. The judges indeed have a tough time determining the most beautiful of them all, but that’s where the part of questions and answers comes in. Often enough, we can have a really good laugh about beauty pageant blunders. The discrepancy between the looks and the brains makes the whole event more memorable and absolutely hilarious.

15 Worst Beauty Pageant Answers of All Time

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Unfortunately for the contestants, the most popular beauty pageant fails are retold over and over again, making the pressure even greater. At times, it can really be said that the girl was too scared or nervous to provide a proper answer. For instance, a simple question (which required a little bit of imagination, though): “If you could be either water or fire, which would you be and why?” was given a really “interesting” answer, to say the least. The Serbian contestant for Miss Universe responded she didn’t know how to be fire or water because she was human. And girls have emotions, while fire and water don’t.

Perhaps it would’ve been easier if they had asked her to say the chemical formula for water or fire.

Truth be told, some questions can be quite strange, as you will see in our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If the judges asked you what fruit you would be, what would you respond? Pineapple? Apple? You haven’t given it much thought, have you? And the most dreaded follow-up question word: why?

Also, some questions such as these 10 hardest beauty pageant questions and answers are very difficult, but you will definitely find both the most awkward and the best beauty pageant answers here. For instance, a brilliant answer to that age-old question what message to send to the opponents of beauty pageants. The contestant simply replied this is one of the ways to gain ground to succeed in any field – politics, army, or business. Pretty smart, right?

Bu today, we are looking at some of the worst beauty pageant answers of all time. We found them at several sources: Did You Know Fashion, Cosmopolitan, NY Daily News,  and even IB Times. The one rule we were guided by was that in no way could any of these questions be too complicated or too hard to understand, so there was no logical reason to justify these absolutely ridiculous answers.

Anyway, check it out for yourself. Here are 15 worst beauty pageant answers of all time!