10 Most Expensive Cities in Florida

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Florida is making the headlines again these days, and luckily Parkland isn’t on our list of 10 most expensive cities in Florida. While the students of Stoneman Douglas are protesting over their clear backpacks after the recent Florida shooting horror, let’s talk about some more pleasant topics today, such as the most desired, and hence most expensive, cities in the Sunshine State.

It’s been quite a while since we wrote about 9 most expensive cities to live in Florida, so it’s high time we updated our list. Despite the recent shooting incident, Florida will remain to be one of the most popular destinations. First of all, there’s the weather. You can completely forget about winter jackets and boots and enjoy the sunshine all year long. The map of Florida is very interesting concerning the landscape, too. It’s not all about the beaches and fun under the sun. You’ll find plenty of state parks as well. But if you wish to spend your retirement days close to a beach, here are 10 best places to retire in Florida on the water.

Most Expensive Cities in Florida


What is more, some of the richest neighborhoods in Florida are homes to celebs and CEOs, and they only pick the best for themselves, don’t they? By the way, the most expensive beach in Florida is Marco Island particularly due to its wealthy bathers. Naples is one of the richest cities in Florida due to its citizens’ insane annual incomes.

The starting point was the list of cities with the most expensive real estate in Florida at Homes. We deem it to be a good criterion, since accommodation, or housing, is one of the bare necessities in everyone’s lives. Just to make the matters clear about the most expensive cities in Florida in 2018 according to real estate prices. The first in the list is 699% more pricey than what is the national average price of homes. Dwell on that while we guide you through the rest of our methodology. With those cities in mind, we visited Point2Homes which showed demographics and statistics for each of them. Most importantly, it displayed the potential expenses and where they stand compared to the national average. For instance, there were costs concerning clothes, furniture, education, entertainment and so on. We chose the three most common and essential: food, health care, and utilities. After all, not everyone is attending college, but everybody needs to pay the electricity bill. We added them all up and divided by three to find the average and named them points (the national average would be 100 points). The last thing to do was to rank them from the lowest to the highest. In cases when the results matched, the city with higher real estate prices came first.

While some can compete to be named as one of the most expensive cities in the US, others are below the national average. But don’t be fooled. Remember that real estate prices are going through the roof in these 10 most expensive cities in Florida in 2018.

10. Lake Butler

Points: 85

The number of points seems pretty modest and appealing. All the other costs of living are more than reasonable, too.

Most Expensive Cities in Florida

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