10 Best Cities for Pale Skin

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Summer’s getting nearer, and with the sun already causing you reactions during this Skin Cancer Awareness month, why don’t you check which are the 10 best cities for pale skin? If you’re tired of constantly applying sunblock and still getting sunburnt, perhaps moving would be the best possible solution.

Now while some may wave their hand when mentioning UV rays and how important it is for you to protect yourself, they should better have in mind that protecting skin means taking care of your biggest organ. Isn’t it logical to take special care of it? Size matters, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, people with pale skin have to ensure their sensitive skin is properly looked after on a daily basis. That’s why they’re constantly looking for the best products and treatments.

Best Cities for Pale Skin

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Indeed, this can be a real bore. Women are challenged to find the most suitable foundation and to deal with unflattering comments concerning their “sick” look. Pale skin is usually very dry, and if you’re really that unfortunate, you’re experiencing some other problems, too. Speaking of which, the best cities for dry skin and best cities for eczema can be found on our list of 10 best places for people with eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

Let’s see how we decided on the best places to live for your skin if you’re the “noble” type. First, we checked with Rebel Circus to see which conditions and challenges are common for fair skin people. As expected, there’s the high UV index issue. Curiously enough, people with pale skin tend to suffer more after a mosquito bite, and we’re not talking only about the looks of it. Therefore, it was our mission to find the US cities with the lowest UV index and to check if they’re by any chance listed as one of the worst mosquito cities in AccuWeather. Actually, there were quite a few matches.

Our starting point was a ranking of the best places to live for your skin made by WalletHub, in which the cities are listed according to the least harmful effect on the organ. Afterward, we had to do some major cutting since a lot of them are the worst cities for skin regarding the mosquito population.

As for the best climate for dry skin, that would have to be the one with high levels of humidity. Indeed, dry skin simply loves damp air. However, stating that humid weather is good for skin would be an overstatement since it actually causes annoying problems for people whose skin is more oily.

Finally, let’s see which places can give your skin the greatest relief, i.e., which are the 10 best cities for pale skin.

10. Orlando, Florida

Now that we know Orlando is great for people with pale skin, let’s answer a frequently asked question about the state: is Florida good for eczema? Well, if you’ve taken a look at our list mentioned in the introductory section, you know there’s nothing special about this state concerning the situation.

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