25 Biggest Marijuana Companies in the World

What are the biggest marijuana companies in the world? If you are looking for the safest investment, marijuana companies may just be the next big thing. Were we to pinpoint one industry which is sure to continue blooming in the future, both near and distant, that would be precisely this one – a multi-billion business with excellent forecasts. 

To fully grasp the importance of this budding market, here are some  essential marijuana statistics you should be aware of.

Firstly, the global marijuana market increased by 37% in 2018, which is beyond impressive. The global spending on marijuana is forecast to reach $57 billion. Recreational marijuana will make the majority of it (67%), while medical marijuana spending is about 33%. 

The first country that legalized marijuana completely was Uruguay in 2013, whereas Canada followed suit last year. At the moment, the USA is still pondering complete legalization, despite the obvious benefits. For example, the employment rates have escalated due to the marijuana industry. In 2017, new cannabis jobs were given to 121,000 people and the demand for retailers and experts is constantly rising.

The recreational weed states are the following: Alaska, California, Colorado, Main, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C. New York and New Jersey are usually mentioned as the great candidates when discussing the legalization. Illinois has just joined the crowd, but the law will be active from January 2020. 

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Should that happen, the first thing we can expect are some great savings, as $3.6 billion of the US citizens’ money was spent on enforcing marijuana possession laws in 2010. What is more, lucrative opportunities are to follow, too. Just look at the most recent marijuana taxes. Washington has the highest taxes on marijuana, so it managed to yield $319 million, with California being a close second ($300 million) and Colorado state tax for marijuana bringing $266 million. If marijuana were legal on the federal level, the US Treasury would collect one hefty sum.

The US should easily become the largest marijuana market in the world unless Europe decides to legalize marijuana. With an astounding budget of $1.3 trillion for healthcare, Europe would hardly have any competition. Germany and Italy take the lead, and the UK is already the largest producer of medical cannabis in the world. Australia’s cannabis market is said to reach $1.2 billion in sales by 2027, thus joining the biggest marijuana countries. 

Previously we listed hedge funds’ top 4 marijuana stocks in an article. Now, let’s see how you can have your piece of this cannabis cake and find the best pot stocks! 

For an experienced marketeer or a stockholder, analyzing and picking out the best venture is always fun. A bit of an adrenaline rush while you bet on the underdog. However, if marijuana stocks are something of a novelty to you, it’s always best to invest in the biggest players on the market. So, who are they exactly?

To provide you with the answer, we decided to first look for the ones with the highest market cap. Essentially, market capital is a sure indicator of a company’s power — the size/enormity of its assets definitely inspires trust in clients. However, what worth is it unless it continues to multiply? For this reason, we chose those marijuana companies which have shown excellent growth up to now. YOY  (year-over-year) rates served as an indicator of their potential. 

The data on the market cap was collected from Cannabis Market Cap at the end of July 2019, where we chose the 25 most affluent ones. The next step (finding growth rates) for each company was realized with the help of several sources. Mostly, New Cannabis Ventures was used for the growth rates of these top marijuana companies, but we also relied on Yahoo Finance, GlobeNewswire, CSIMarket, and Capital 10X. By using the revenue growth rates, we listed them from the lowest to the highest.

In a case when YOY growth rates were identical for two companies, the one with the highest market cap took precedence.

Finally, let’s take a look and see where the companies stand in this respect. With their capital and revenue rates, they are certainly the biggest marijuana companies in the world. Admittedly, as the market keeps fluctuating, some changes are possible to occur in the meantime, but for the time being, here is who can give you some good cannabis stocks for the money invested.

25.Village Farms International Inc.

Symbol: VFF

Market cap: $462,710,620

Growth rate: 8.10%

Price: $9.41


Industry: Agriculture

Headquarters: Delta, Canada

We start in a very modest way, with just 8.10%. Previously known as Village Farms Canada Inc., the company is involved in a lot of different ventures. You may have heard of them due to their latest project: possibly the largest cannabis greenhouse in the world (about 550,000 square feet)! That will surely increase the value of these Canadian marijuana stocks, so go shopping while you still can.

24. Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc.

Symbol: CWEB

Market cap: $670,457,455

Growth rate: 66%

Price: $16.85


Industry: Consumer Products/Healthcare 

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

Founded by seven brothers in 2013, the company has probably surpassed all their dreams. With the revenues of $21.7 million from the last quarter, Charlotte’s Web Holdings is one of the most successful hemp CBD manufacturers. The hemp stock company earned its fame (and name!) when CNN aired a documentary about how a little girl suffering from Dravet syndrome was relieved greatly by using their CBD products.

23.Aphria Inc.

Symbol: APHA

Market cap: $1,575,001,404

Growth rate: 74%

Price: $6.27


Industry: Consumer products (medical marijuana)

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

With a market capital of a billion and a half, Aphria Inc. is one of the largest marijuana companies in the world. They are focused on producing cannabis oil in different forms.

Despite the impressive assets, their weed stock price dropped by almost 40%, which is rather worrying. Future big plans include spreading onto German market (they are one of only three companies in possession of German cannabis license).

22. CV Sciences Inc.

Symbol: CVSI

Market cap: $423,987,861

Growth rate: 84.70%

Price: $4.23


Industry: Consumer Products/Pharmacy

Headquarters: California, USA

The company operates in two ways. First, there’s the renowned PlusCBD Oil™ brand (hemp-derived), and hemp CBD stocks are always a safe bet. Moreover, they also invest in pharmaceutical-grade drugs based on CBD. At the beginning of the year, they came into $14.9 million revenue, with a gross margin of 70.8%.

21. Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.

Symbol: CRBP

Market cap: $409,612,929

Growth rate: 98.40%

Price: $6.35


Industry: Biopharmacy

Headquarters: Norwood, Massachusetts.

For the time being, the position of medical marijuana stocks owned by Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. depends largely on the trials’ results. Fortunately, they inspire a lot of trust, e.g., the $900,000 worth Development Award Agreement with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was quite an achievement.

20. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Symbol: SMG

Market cap: $5,633,127,270

Growth rate: 100.95 %

Price: $101.55


Industry: Manufacture

Headquarters: Marysville, Ohio

One of the oldest and most successful companies when it comes to lawn and garden supplies recognized the opportunity behind growing marijuana. They may not have cannabis greenhouses, but they do supply everything for them: seeds, hydroponics, fertilizers, you name it. The brand is strong with this one, and cannabis-related or not, the products earned them $2.6 billion in sales

19. MediPharm Labs Corp.

Symbol: LABS

Market cap: $457,526,654

Growth rate: 115%

Price: $3.47


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

As the general public has become more inclined to cannabis oil as opposed to smoking pot due to its hazardous effect on the lungs, there is a great demand for cannabis extracts on the market, and innovative medical marijuana companies such as MediPharm Labs Corp. are jumping at the opportunity. The company deals with several types of cannabis extraction.

Q1 brought them a $22 million revenue. In addition, they are spreading their business to Australia.

18.Tilray Inc.

Symbol: TLRY

Market cap: $3,549,666,891

Growth rate: 118%

Price: $44.06


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Nanaimo, Canada

Tilray Inc. definitely deserves a place on our list of biggest marijuana companies in the world. It has just signed a $30 million contract with Zenabis and the future looks bright. They supply cannabis products (flowers included), and what makes them stand out from the competition is that they are keen on collaborating with educational institutions.

17. Cronos Group Inc.

Symbol: CRON

Market cap: $4,999,003,159

Growth rate: 119.70%

Price: $14.87


Industry: Consumer Products

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

In case you’ve been looking for reliable marijuana companies to invest in, here’s Cronos Group for you. The growth rate is very low compared to what is expected from 2019 (a whopping 450%), so pay close attention to this one, especially when you are aware of the latest acquisitions (the ultra-modern manufacturing facility from Apotex Fermentation). The prices of their shares have already increased by 2% right after the announcement.

16. Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.

Symbol: HARV

Market cap: $538,792,538

Growth rate: 131%

Price: $5.71


Industry: Consumer products

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Despite being founded in Canada, marijuana retailers love spreading their business into the US as well. Harvest is going to be present in 17 states, and it will be in charge of more than 210 facilities, with over 1,500 employees involved. 

Currently, the opening of three Florida dispensaries for medical marijuana promise high yields. Overall, it should reach $900 million in sales in 2020. It is also said to be a real pro at winning licenses. Furthermore, Harvest’s acquisition of MSO Verano maintains a high progress rate.

15. Innovative Industrial Properties

Symbol: IIPR

Market cap: $1,246,073,071

Growth rate: 147%

Price: $127.07


Industry: Real Estate

Headquarters: California, USA

As opposed to some other publicly traded companies which deal with seeds or “fruit”, i.e. cannabis-derived products, this one has focused on one thing no cannabis field can exist, and that is the land and corresponding facilities. 

Up to the present moment, IIP has had in its possession about 1.8 million rentable square feet across California, Colorado, New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That’s 23 properties which are 100% leased. The average lease term is 15 years.

14. Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Symbol: GTII

Market cap: $1,062,008,347

Growth rate: 155%

Price: $9.58


Industry: Consumer Products

Headquarters: Chicago, USA

Green Thumb Industries distributes the products through its own retail chain called Rise™. Recently, it has announced that the revenue for the first quarter is $28 million. GTI puts emphasis on investing in marijuana business all the time and has about 800 employees and 11 manufacturing facilities. The sales to third-party retailers more than doubled in comparison to last year, and it also won a new license for Ohio. This year, Green Thumb will open 15 to 20 new stores, which is almost double the number of shops they currently own.

13. Newstrike Brands Ltd.

Symbol: HIP

Market cap: $499,042,658

Growth rate: 196%

Price: $0.45


Industry: Manufacture/Retail

Headquarters: Oakville, Canada

There are certainly some Canadian pot stocks which have a higher price, but with the growth rate of almost 200%, and the fact it has just been acquired by HEXO, we can expect some major progress.

12. KushCo Holdings Inc.

Symbol: KSHB

Market cap: $457,526,654

Growth rate: 221%

Price: $5.15

NASDAQ: Waiting for approval

Industry: Manufacture

Headquarters: California, USA

In case you are unsure how to invest in marijuana as the banks are still not allowed to give you any loans for your start-up, why don’t you consider manufacturing solvents, containers, vaporizers, and similar cannabis merchandise? It certainly worked for KushCo Holdings!

11. Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

Symbol: CURA

Market cap: $2,204,686,089

Growth rate: 288%

Price: $6.51


Industry: Consumer Products

Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA

When you have just decided to splurge out an amazing $875 million (stocks included) to purchase Grassroots (GR Companies Inc.), then you are bound to expect large profits very soon. By the way, it was founded by Russian billionaires, and you can rest assured they know profitable (weed) stocks when they see one.

10. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Symbol: ACB

Market cap: $7,074,805,168

Growth rate: 305%

Price: $6.98


Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Whatever you’ve heard of the company, it’s all true. Aurora Cannabis is one of the biggest marijuana companies in the world, and with the growth rate of 305%, it will continue to be as such. Spread on five continents and 25 countries, it is always looking for expanding opportunities, such as the acquisition of CanniMed and MedReleaf.

9. Canopy Growth Corporation

Symbol: WEED

Market cap: $12,130,091,885

Growth rate: 313%

Price: $35.8


Industry: Healthcare/Consumer Products

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Out of all the companies from our list, Canopy Growth has by far the largest market cap — over $12 billion! This year’s reports are also more than positive, announcing CGC stock and sales revenues from the last quarter as high as $99.3 million. It operates on five continents and has a partnership with a cannabis celebrity venturer, Snoop Dogg.

8. Acreage Holdings Inc.

Symbol: ACRG

Market cap: $807,030,282

Growth rate: 487%

Price: $13.64


Industry: Healthcare/ Cannabis 

Headquarters: New York, USA

As you are reading this, the $3.4 billion merger between Canopy Growth and Acreage Holdings is taking place, approved greatly by the majority of shareholders. Therefore, we can expect the Canopy Growth Corporation to top our list soon enough.

7. The Green Organic Dutchman

Symbol: TGOD

Market cap: $666,363,491

Growth rate: 517%

Price: $2.42


Industry: Consumer Products/Healthcare

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Organic oils, flowers, and edibles make the range of their organic products. They produce plants as well. Perhaps The Green Organic Dutchman hasn’t got its first billion yet, but if the growth rate is over 500%…Well, you do the math. This could be one of the best marijuana companies to invest in this year.

6. OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

Symbol: OGI

Market cap: $958,085,298

Growth rate: 621%

Price: $6.14


Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Moncton, Canada

A market cap of almost a billion certainly puts one in the group with the biggest marijuana companies in the world. By the end of 2019, OrganiGram Holdings Inc. is forecast to produce about 250,000 pounds of cannabis. A partnership with a German company and the development of vaporizers are just some of their growth strategy plans.

5. HEXO Corp.

Symbol: HEXO

Market cap: $1,293,217,236

Growth rate: 950%

Price: $5.03


Industry: Consumer products

Headquarters: Gatineau, Canada

Canadian marijuana companies dominate the global market. HEXO has the YOY rate of almost 1000%(!). It sells traditional marijuana products, including flowers. The company has just joined NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and is expanding on the European market — the latest obtained license for medical cannabis was issued in Greece.

4. GW Pharmaceuticals

Symbol: GWPH

Market cap: $5,152,464,491

Growth rate: 1191%

Price: $167.73


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Cambridge, UK

The majority of American and Canadian companies have nothing on GW Pharma. Founded in 1998, this is one of the most well-known marijuana companies and it owes its fame to Sativex and Epidiolex. The first one is the first cannabinoid-based medicine in the world, while the latter has come under the spotlight because it is the only CBD medicine which has been approved by the FDA. The US sales of Epidiolex for the first quarter of 2019 were $33.5 million.

3. Cara Therapeutics Inc.

Symbol: CARA

Market cap: $1,008,498,244

Growth rate: 1379.12 %

Price: $25.37


Industry: Pharmacy

Headquarters: Connecticut, USA

This  American cannabis company is a strong competitor to GW Pharmaceuticals. It is focused on producing the medicines which serve as a relief from (chronic) pain, pruritus, and inflammation. The British company may have the FDA recognition, but at the moment Cara is celebrating its another successful trial and is getting closer to the FDA stamp of approval. Korsuva (CR845) is a new medicine which will probably get the confirmation it’s safe to use.

2. iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.

Symbol: IAN

Market cap: $438,708,010

Growth rate: 4176%

Price: $2.81


Industry: Manufacture/Consumer products

Headquarters: New York, USA

The market cap of half a billion may seem minimal, but if you just take a look at what the future may bring, you’ll be rushing to buy these NASDAQ stocks.

At the moment, what iAnthus really needs in order to significantly increase its capital is another well-planned acquisition, similar to MPX deal. The revenue for Q1 was almost $10 million, which seems modest compared to the competition. Still, it is an increase of 4176% from the last year, and the company has all chances of doing it one more time.

1. Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Symbol: ARNA

Market cap: $3,068,882,786

Growth rate: 45,544.30%

Price: $61.91


Industry: Biopharmacy

Headquarters: California, US

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company from California focused on developing and delivering medicine to American and Swiss patients. In addition, it’s expanding into the Asian market via Everest Medicines. 

While Arena is enlisted as one of the marijuana companies, that does not mean its whole biotech production revolves around cannabis-based medicine. Their cannabis-based pride and joy is APD371, a painkiller for people suffering from Chron’s disease. 

With such an incredible YOY rate (yes, we double-checked it), we can only see the revenues multiplying at a rapid rate.

There you have it! 25 biggest marijuana companies in the world, and they’re all yours to choose from. You have all the figures needed, as well as the exact types of industry, so take your pick!