11 Best Places to Retire Overseas for Affordable and Efficient Health Care

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If you’re counting your years till retirement and have always loved travel, 11 best places to retire overseas for affordable and efficient health care is an absolute must-read! 

Having worked long and hard enough, you definitely deserve some time off. Once the mortgage is paid off, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and get ready to enjoy life to the fullest. Some believe that the best years are in your twenties or thirties, but the world isn’t your oyster until you enter retirement! You no longer have to endure the daily 9-5 grind. Your job is done, and you can spread your wings in the best places to retire in the world.

Admittedly, being a senior is not perfect just because of one thing. Once we reach a certain age, we’re more susceptible to a plethora of conditions. Our body needs its daily intake of vitamins, but also some medicine as well. Winter wonderland is nothing else but accidents and hip fractures waiting to happen. As a result, our best countries to retire for U.S. citizens aren’t set in northern countries, for example.

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Therefore, let’s see now how we comprised our list.

What is the best country to retire in? The one with a suitable climate, and affordable and efficient healthcare. For this reason, we raided the internet and looked for the best place to retire in the world on a budget. Don’t you just love it when you go abroad and you realize everything is much cheaper than in the US? Healthcare included, of course. We found the best and cheapest places to retire abroad via International Living, US News, and MedAlertHelp (the last one has US suggestions, too, if interested).

The next step was to see check out Bloomberg’s list of countries ranked according to health care efficiency. We listed the best places for retiring abroad according to the spot they occupied on this list. By the way, if we just observe healthcare efficiency, Hong Kong ranks best, while the US is close to the bottom(!). As a matter of fact, all of our best places to retire overseas have a better ranking than the US!

For extra details about healthcare systems, the majority of data was collected from Expat and Expat Arrivals.

Therefore, your decision to check these 11 best places to retire overseas for affordable and efficient health care is one of the best you could have possibly made. Take a closer look at what conditions await you if/when you decide to move there.

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