7 Easiest Frauds to Commit and Make Money (Updated)

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“How to get rich fast” or “how to make money fast” is a question which is the essence of everything. That precisely is the reason why some choose to trick others, and why the other side falls for it so quickly and naively. For one reason or the other, we are pressured to have more and more money. We are all living in a consumer society and are constantly being persuaded (consciously or unconsciously) to buy more and more in order to feel happier since happiness is equaled to possession nowadays. Therefore, if we have someone promising us more than what we bargained for, we are very much inclined to believe it. Undoubtedly, there is a plethora of such websites online and advertisements offering an easy way to get rich only by investing a small amount of our belongings. They sound too good to be true, and usually, they are. However, humans are generally a rather optimistic species, otherwise, such schemes wouldn’t have fooled anyone.

7 Easiest Frauds to Commit and Make Money


Additionally, some frauds succeed because they play on people’s emotions. If a hustler is a good psychologist, he will get what he wants from you while receiving gratitude for taking your money.

For our list of easiest frauds to commit and make money, we have chosen frauds that are extremely easy to commit. They are listed according to how complicated they are to perform, i.e. whether you need an accomplice, or they require some special knowledge. We found inspiration at Western Union since they deal with money matters on daily bases and are best informed about the hustles that may occur during the process. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission also had some good warnings, or should we say advice/instructions. The internet has brought a revolution in all fields, simultaneously making our lives easier and more complicated. When talking about scams and deceits, it definitely helped a great deal to ease people off their money. If you live in some of the countries from our article 11 worst countries for credit card fraud, you had better be extra careful since they have the highest rate of illegal activities with credit cards.

Now let us see which frauds we have selected as the easiest frauds to commit and make money.

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