16 Worst Countries for Human Trafficking in 2018

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If you wish to know what countries are most affected by human trafficking this year, this is the list of 16 worst countries for human trafficking in 2018. Human trafficking countries ranking is one of the least favorite rankings on our webpage, but it is necessary to know the harsh truth.

Where are the victims of human trafficking? They’re in the fields under the scorching sun, on dusty streets, in someone’s home as domestic servitude or purchased brides. They’re under the ground in mines, in basements or filthy rooms. People of all ages are subjects to this inhumane trade: women, children, and men. There is no age limit – everyone’s suitable. Some victims are more prone to end up in prostitution, while others are recognized as the most suitable for forced labor. There are lots of forms in which a person is exploited without any mercy, and victims come from all walks of life. The ongoing wars have proved as real catalysts when it comes to human trafficking. Millions of refugees are migrating, and it is so easy to lose yourself in the chaos. Sadly, there is a huge number of children out there without a proper childhood, to put it mildly. Not only are they physically and sexually exploited in the previously mentioned ways, but for the little ones, there is a grave danger of becoming soldiers and being forced to kill other human beings. There isn’t human trafficking by country statistics which could tell us the exact percentage of children soldiers, but we are going to point out which countries are known for this abhorrent crime.

Worst Countries for Human Trafficking in 2018

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It’s little wonder then that people are typing into Google if human trafficking is legal anywhere in the world when you realize the full size of the problem. We have already written about the worst human trafficking cities in the world in Top 15 Cities with Highest Human Trafficking in the world last year. The pressing issue was discussed in our articles about 11 countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in the world and human trafficking countries ranking and list: worldwide country statistics. China human trafficking is also a burning issue, but the country only belongs to the Tier 2 Watch List. As for what is the number one state for human trafficking, there’s not one, but three of them: California, New York, and Texas. Unfortunately, it’s hard to decide on the “winner.” This is a very difficult question to answer, since the numbers are constantly fluctuating, or should we say the people are constantly being trafficked from one country into the other(s).

We had the same challenge with our list of worst human trafficking countries. Firstly, we looked them up at Know Your Country to find Tier 3 human trafficking countries. Namely, when it comes to human trafficking, they can be divided into several groups: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2 Watch List and Tier 3. Tier 3 is the worst category, meaning the country has the biggest problem and most of all, it isn’t cooperative enough to solve the problem. The list was our starting point, and we proceeded to the CIA Factbook for more reliable and recent information. After a careful search, we analyzed the countries closely in order to be able to compile this list. The first seven countries on our list are in the worst possible state, which means they are the source, destination and transit countries at the same time, and children, women, and men are trafficked. In our ranking system, it was more important that all three types of victims are present, rather than whether the country is of a source, transit or destination type. The following group of six countries was either a destination, a source or a transit country (sometimes both, but not all of the mentioned), while again there were all three types of victims suffering in the process. The last country on the list “only” abused men and women, but it was set apart from other countries with two types of victims by the fact it has the role of a source, destination, and transit country.

Admittedly, some of the countries belong to the Tier 2 category, but we believe that even if the smallest percentage of children is subjected to this horror, it outweighs the balance and ranks the country as one of the worst in the world.

We hope we have made the matters clear for those of you who dare to see the truth. After all, we aren’t talking about numbers in 16 worst countries for human trafficking in 2018. It must be noted that these are all human lives and poor destinies. Millions of them fighting and suffering while being transported from one abuser to the other.

16. Algeria

Primarily, Algeria is a transit country for human trafficking, though there it serves as a destination and source, too. Most victims are men and women, and the latter are more exploited as a labor force and forced into prostitution.

Worst Countries for Human Trafficking in 2018

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