10 Real Life Human Trafficking Examples and Stories

The reasons why you have chosen to read about real life human trafficking examples and stories may differ, but your reactions upon finishing the article will be the same. You are bound to feel appalled, disgusted, and utterly speechless.

How common is human trafficking? More than you are willing to realize. This is not a type of crime which can be said to be characteristic of certain countries, depending on their economic state or whether they are at war, for example. Human trafficking is happening literally everywhere, even in the most developed and most powerful countries in the world (just take a look at our articles about 12 top states for human trafficking in 2018 and  16 top US cities for human trafficking in 2019). As far as we know, the horror could be taking place right next door, in your neighborhood (as you will be able to read about the neighbors from hell in one of the stories). Therefore, if the question is how many countries are affected by human trafficking, the answer would be: all of them. According to the World Economic Forum Report and their analysis, certain areas of the world are less likely to deal with human trafficking. Judging by the looks of the map they have drawn, it makes one wonder if human trafficking even happens in the UK. As you shall see from our stories, it does and it is just as horrible as in any other country. What country has the most human trafficking? Unfortunately, the competition is more than fierce, and based on a 2018 report by the U.S. State Department, it is Belarus, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Russia that are at the very top of violating human freedom in this way.

10 Real Life Human Trafficking Examples and Stories

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In our selection of real stories of human trafficking survivors, we have mainly focused on sex trafficking, though it has to be mentioned that human trafficking, aka modern slavery, also refers to other types of imprisonment and abuse. However, there is a tendency to associate human trafficking with sexual abuse above all, so these human trafficking detailed stories are told by sex trafficking victims. Speaking of tendencies, women and girls are more common victims compared to the opposite sex, but we have also included a story from a male survivor. They are especially challenged by society, as the traditional masculine role simply excludes the possibility of a man or a boy suffering from sexual abuse. What is more, even in police raids the victims are usually observed as pimps at first glance. As well as that, in order to deal with the prejudices, you will be able to read about trafficking in the adult entertainment industry (yes, not all actors are performing willingly).

The data we have gathered for real life human trafficking stories came from various sources, including the Telegraph, the Guardian and Global Citizen. They are given in random order, though we must admit the first place belongs to a story which is peculiar in a way that the abusers were some of the most powerful European politicians, and even of royal origin.

Finally, prepare to read about the unfortunate destinies and miraculous escapes in our list of 10 real life human trafficking examples and stories.