Top 12 Surgery Residency Programs in 2020

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Top 12 surgery residency programs in 2020 will make your life a lot easier if you’re currently on a quest for reliable residency program rankings for the current year. Every help is welcome in pursuing your dream, isn’t it? Because you really have to love your calling if you’re planning on becoming a surgeon.

Perhaps you’re still in high school and daydreaming about saving lives. Let’s first check if you have any idea what you’ll be getting into. Preparing to become a glorious medical worker is a lengthy process. We’re talking about four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school and 3-10 years of residency and fellowship (as explained by this study). In this job, more than any other, you have to keep up the pace. Your licensure needs maintaining, and you have to stay informed about advances in medicine. Do you still believe you have what it takes? Excellent! If you have great love and persistence needed for this job, you’ll find that it pays off pretty nicely. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for this particular job is only expected to rise even more. Then, there’s the annual salary of $247,520. Not bad, is it?

Top Surgery Residency Programs in 2018

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On the other hand, if you have some qualms and thoughts you’d be in over your head, you can forget about general surgery residency rankings and maybe opt for another program. We wrote about top anesthesiology residency programs in top 12 anesthesiology residency programs in 2020. Or perhaps top psychiatry residency programs, if you’re more into opening people’s minds rather than their bodies? In that case, go to Harvard, or King’s College in London, Stanford or Yale. John Hopkins is more than recommendable as it came first in orthopedic residency program rankings. But if you’re keen on following the latest trends, you’ve noticed how much people (women) have become extremely interested in their skin and its youthful appearance. According to the US dermatology residency program rankings for 2020, it is Harvard that’s in the first place, followed by the University of California in San Francisco, and Stanford. Some of them are on our list, too, but Harvard is not number one. And neither is Yale if that’s what you’re thinking.

So here is a word or two about our very own ranking system. First, we consulted with Research Gate and read their article on universities’ reputations and outcomes. As you are already aware, sometimes the most famous and advertised option isn’t necessarily the best one. Bearing that in mind, we checked which universities have poor outcomes compared to their reputations. Next, we looked into the ranking situation with one of the most reliable sources when it comes to medicine resident program rankings – Start Class. They listed the US medical schools according to several criteria (in-state tuition, median MCAT score, and median incoming GPA). What we did was compare these two lists and choose the medical programs, i.e. universities which weren’t said to be resting on their laurels.

Our list is giving you the location and in-state tuition for every school. Also, you can expect data on the number of students, how that compares to the others if there are any perks and benefits, or which ones are very much endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, and so on.

Therefore, our dear surgeons-to-be here’s your essential reading material to get things started – a list of top 12 surgery residency programs in 2020!

12. Boston University School of Medicine

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts

In-state tuition: $53,186

In total, the school has 704 students. As it is the usual case among medical students, 83% of them have some kind of financial help. Unfortunately, when they finish college, their debt is higher than the national average.

Top Surgery Residency Programs in 2018

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