20 Simple Tinder Bios for Females

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There are tons of best tinder taglines for guys out there, but when it comes to girls the situation is so bad, we just had to write down 20 simple Tinder bios for females.

Good Tinder bio lines for girls are hard to find. It’s true; we are the ones who are left with a choice when it comes to flirting and accepting someone’s message request (usually). However, it’s completely natural to wish to be swiped right by a certain type of guy. That’s why you should write a couple of Tinder bio lines underneath your photo. It’s always good to stand out from the crowd. After all, if you’re checking out a guy’s bio at Tinder and drawing conclusions, what makes you think they aren’t doing the exact same thing? Yes, they are males, and the opposite sex doesn’t tend to overcomplicate things. Men are pretty much visual creatures, wouldn’t you agree? However, every guy would like to know something about the object of his desire. Your bio lines define the attitude he’s taking and how he’s going to address you. Isn’t that what you would like, too? To make things easier and to get the right guys to contact you? Well, in that case, you need to know how to write a Tinder bio for a woman/girl.

Simple Tinder Bios for Females


We read a lot of tips about writing the perfect Tinder bio for girls at Lede-In and Where to Swipe. Apparently, it’s real science. You should avoid blurry photos, or any photo from Snapchat, no matter how cute you think it is. Grammar rules are to be followed because it leaves a better impression. But these are simple Tinder bio examples for girls, and we’ll try to stay true to our title. After reading all those pieces of advice about the right length and tone of your biography, it’s easy to oversee the most important thing. Your aim. What exactly do you want from Tinder? A hookup or a romance? What kind of guy do you wish to attract? Would you like to match with someone who has the exact specific sense of humor, or you’d rather not overthink about the future and have a one night stand? No judgments here. This is the real life we’re talking about. Whatever your goal may be, we’ll gladly help you with our suggestions.

As we have mentioned before, it took a lot of research to find the very best, yet simple, Tinder bio lines for girls. When we say “simple”, we mean very short and clear. You know all too well guys aren’t really good at reading between the lines, so the more obvious, the better. The examples aren’t given in any particular order since it actually depends on you which line you wish to use, i.e., what’s the reason you’re on Tinder in the first place. In our search, we consulted with The De BriefSmoshThe ChiveTinder SeductionBest Hookup Apps, and Reductress to find the most original and effective examples. In case you’re looking for some witty tinder bios for females, we already wrote about it in our article 15 Witty Tinder Bio Examples for Girls. Also, if you wish to meet a guy and have a laugh, go with one of 15 funny Tinder bios for girls.

You’re going to read witty, flirty, funny and sometimes serious bios in this list of  20 simple Tinder bios for females. Whatever your goal may be, we wish you the best of luck! You are ready to start going on virtual dates.

20. “tbh I just want some chipotle out of this”

It can’t get more real than this. Jokes aside, you’re saying you have a sense of humor. And that you enjoy delicious chipotles.

Simple Tinder Bios for Females

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