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Author Archive - Nusreta Beranac

6 Best Wines for Acid Reflux and Heartburn

6 Best Wines for Acid Reflux and Heartburn

If you often experience acid reflux or heartburn after drinking wine, but you don’t want to give up your favorite drink just yet, then these 6 best......(read more)
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12 Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

Coming up with an idea for your next research paper does not have to be difficult, just take a look at 12 controversial medical topics for research paper......(read more)

16 Most Profitable Jobs for College Students

If you are a college student looking for a job, then check out our list because we have prepared 16 most profitable jobs for college students. With high......(read more)
18 Small Businesses in High Demand in 2017

18 Small Businesses in High Demand in 2017

Starting a business can be intimidating and scary, so we have compiled a list of 18 small businesses in high demand in 2017 for all the future entrepreneurs......(read more)
Africa Studio/

10 Easy One Year Certificate Programs that Pay Well

If you are a fresh high school graduate about to go to school or just someone looking for ways to switch to a different job, then check out our list of......(read more)
Also, we included data on the average pricing for some of the businesses on the list, as well as some success stories that will give you much-needed confidence is you are planning to embark on new ventures in the future. So, check out our 25 most profitable small businesses to start in 2017

25 Most Profitable Small Businesses to Start in 2017

If you have finally decided to start your own business, but you are still searching for ideas, check out these 25 most profitable small businesses to......(read more)
15 Best Japanese Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

15 Best Japanese Souvenirs You Should Buy in Tokyo

If you are planning a trip to Japan and you’re already thinking of souvenirs to buy, then take a glance at our list 15 best Japanese souvenirs you......(read more)
15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017

15 Highest Paying Vocational Careers with Least Amount of Schooling

If you are wondering whether you really need that college degree, take a look at our highest paying vocational careers with least amount of schooling......(read more)

21 Signs Your Online Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Cheating on You

If you are suspecting your online lover is cheating on you, then take a look at our list of signs your online boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you.......(read more)

16 Countries with the Highest Cost of Living in the World in 2017

If you are curious about the international cost of living, then check out our list of countries with the highest cost of living in the world in 2017.......(read more)
quick and easy team building activities for students

11 Best Simple Fun Corporate Team Building Games

If you are looking for ways to break the routine at work, take a look at the 11 best simple fun corporate team building games we’ve prepared. Employees......(read more)
15 Oldest Countries and Nations In the World

15 Smallest Countries in the World By Population and Land Area

What are the smallest countries in the world by population and land area? We are used to taking and hearing about large countries all the time, and that......(read more)
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15 Countries With the Oldest Population in the World

If you’re curious about nations with the oldest population, take a look at our list of the countries with the oldest population in the world. The world......(read more)
Everett Historical/

10 Countries Where Black Death (Pneumonic Plague) Still Exists Today

If you thought that plague was just something that occurred in the Middle Ages, stick with us and read our list of 10 countries where Black Death still......(read more)
Olha Hutsuliuk/

15 Handmade Items and Crafts in High Demand

If you’re thinking about selling handmade things, check out these handmade items and crafts in high demand that we’ve prepared for you. It seems that......(read more)
Quick Team Building Exercises For Workplace

15 Best Simple Fun Indoor Team Building Problem Solving Activities for Adults

If you want to boost your team’s productivity, try some of these best simple fun indoor team building problem solving activities for adults! Each company......(read more)

13 Highest-Paying Part-Time or Side Jobs for Retired Firefighters

We’ve prepared a list of 13 highest-paying part-time or side jobs for retired firefighters so check it out if you’re in need of one! Life does not......(read more)
Pixabay/Public Domain

10 Easiest Gymnastics Moves and Tricks to Do at Home for Beginners

If you’re new at gymnastics and you would like to know how to make it easier for you, you’re in luck because we’ve prepared a list of the easiest......(read more)

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Japan

If you have wondered about shopping habits in Japan, check out our list of the best selling consumer products in Japan to learn more. The consumer society......(read more)
Hugo Felix/

10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students

College students looking to earn some easy money can rejoice because we’ve prepared a list of the easiest online jobs for college students. We all know......(read more)
Strahil Dimitrov/

10 Best Majors that Make Money and Are Fun

Indecisive students who are thinking about what to do after high school could benefit from reading our list of the best majors that make money and are......(read more)
Milles Studio/

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Brazil

We’ve collected all the best-selling consumer products in Brazil in one place, so stick with us and check out our list. It seems that our shopping lists......(read more)
11 Baldest Countries with the Highest Balding Rate in the World

11 Profitable Low Cost Business Ideas for Felons

If you’re eager to start your own business and put your past behind you, then check out our 11 profitable low-cost business ideas for felons. Fitting......(read more)
10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals

6 Healthcare Jobs For Introverts With no Patient Contact

Introverts who are looking for the perfect career can rejoice because we’ve collected 6 healthcare jobs for introverts with no patient contact. There......(read more)
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13 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts

If you’re an introvert who would like to start a business, then rest assured that our 13 low-cost business ideas for introverts will inspire you to......(read more)
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10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Germany

Stick with us to find out what the best selling consumer products in Germany are. It is no secret that we are all more or less addicted to shopping, with......(read more)

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Canada

Our list of the best selling consumer products in Canada can sure come in as handy if you’re thinking about starting a business in the consumer industry......(read more)
Ljupco Smokovski/

10 Easiest And Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, then you’ll definitely find our list of 10 easiest and cheapest countries to study abroad to be very useful......(read more)
10 Countries with the Highest Autism Rates in the World in 2017

7 Best Jobs For Retired Special Education Teachers

If you’re a retired special education teacher or thinking of retiring, you should take a look at our list of best jobs for retired special education......(read more)
Milles Studio/

10 Hottest Selling Products in USA in 2017

If you’re thinking about starting a business of selling products, then you should definitely check out our list of 10 hottest selling products in USA......(read more)
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11 Easiest Degrees To Earn Online

Thinking about getting a degree online is a great idea if you’re busy which is why you should check out our list of the easiest degrees to earn online......(read more)
Dmitry Sheremeta/

10 Easiest And Fastest Countries in Europe to Get Married

If you simply can’t wait to get married, then you should take a look at our list of easiest and fastest countries in Europe to get married. The wedding......(read more)
defotoberg /

10 Best Selling Cigarettes in India

Wondering what the 10 best selling cigarettes in India are? Then stick with us because we made a list of them. Ever since our ancestors discovered the......(read more)
highest paying jobs with no experience or qualifications required

10 Best Paying Overnight Jobs With no Experience

If you’re in need of money and you need it fast, then check out our list of the best paying overnight jobs with no experience. Are you sick of applying......(read more)
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11 Jobs That Require no Experience For College Students

If you’re a college student in need of a job fast, then check out our list of 11 jobs that require no experience for college students. Going to college......(read more)
Rock and Wasp/

10 Least Adulterous Countries in The World

All the people with trust issues who fear infidelity can relax because we found 10 least adulterous countries in the world. Have you ever been cheated......(read more)

10 Countries With Most Faithful Husbands

If you’re ready to get married and start a family, you might want to know what are the 10 countries with most faithful husbands first. Adultery is......(read more)
Copyright: artzzz / 123RF Stock Photo

7 Facts About Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes

If you have any doubts regarding herbals cigarettes, you should take a look at our list of 7 facts about nicotine free herbal cigarettes. Wherever we......(read more)
defotoberg /

10 Strongest Cigarettes in USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia

Real tobacco lovers can rejoice because we’ve collected a list of 10 strongest cigarettes in USA, Ireland, UK, India, and Australia. Before we introduce......(read more)
Boryana Manzurova/

11 Lowest Calorie Diet Friendly Wines You Actually Want to Drink

Those among you who like an occasional glass of wine but care deeply for their slim figure should definitely read our list of the lowest calorie diet......(read more)

19 Green Business Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

If you’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and help save our planet at the same time, then it’s time for you to read our article on 19 green......(read more)

11 In Demand Business Ideas Without Capital in the Philippines

If you’re striving to become an entrepreneur in the Philippines then you’ll need to read our list of 11 in demand business ideas without capital in......(read more)
Pixabay/Public Domain

25 Greatest Leaders of All Time

If you are fond of history and biographies then you ought to read our list of 25 greatest leaders of all time. History is filled with extraordinary tales......(read more)
alcohol, bar, beverage, bordeaux, bottle, burgundy, cabernet, closeup, collecting, culture, drink, expensive, fine, flavour, glass, gourmet, grape, grapevine, liquid, liquor, merlot, old, open, opener, pour, production, red, restaurant, ripe, sauvignon, taste, toned, vine, vineyard, white, wine, wineglass, winemaking, winery, wood, wooden

15 Best Cheap Red Wines Under $10

If you’re a wine enthusiast who doesn’t like spending too much money on a bottle of wine, then you should definitely take a look at our list of the......(read more)
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10 Best Tasting Highest Rated Coffee Beans in The World

All coffee enthusiasts will definitely enjoy our list of the best tasting highest rated coffee beans in the world. There is just something magical about......(read more)
Pushish Images/

6 Easiest Government Grants to Get for Individuals

If you’re in need of money to cover certain expenses, then you’ll want to know about the easiest government grants to get for individuals. Life is......(read more)
Hugo Felix/

10 Easiest General Education Courses For Undergrads

If you’re enrolling in college and wondering how to make your life easier, then you’re lucky because we made a list of the easiest general education......(read more)
Scratch Cards

10 Easiest Business Ideas Without Capital in India

If you’re eager to start a business but lack the capital to do so then you can relax because we have the 10 easiest business ideas without capital in......(read more)

10 Best Future Business Ideas in 2020 in India

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or you’re just curious, our list of best future business ideas in 2020 in India will definitely......(read more)
Jade ThaiCatwalk/

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

If you’re in a bad mood, then reading our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions will certainly cheer you up. Beauty pageants are being held all......(read more)