10 Good Cheap Cigars for Beginners

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If you are really eager to start this unhealthy habit, check out these 10 good cheap cigars for beginners.

Before we introduce our list of best cigars for beginners, it is unavoidable to say a word or two on this ugly habit. We do not encourage smoking as it can significantly ruin our health and shorten our lives. Besides, with all the yellow teeth and skin, smelly hair, and other undesirable little things that smoking causes, who would want to smoke? Unfortunately, many of us. Despite all the consequences, smoking continues to be a popular habit and it’s not only that people who are addicted to it can’t quit, but a terrifying number of teenagers wants to start.

Good Cheap Cigars for Beginners


But for cigar enthusiasts, smoking is much more than just inhaling smoke, it’s a lifestyle. And true, while it does appear more sophisticated than smoking regular cigarettes, it is equally harmful. However, smoking cigars is different. Cigar smoking is usually the choice of adult men, not teenagers, and there is quite a lot to learn about cigars. Like I said, it’s not just about smoking. Rather, it’s like a hobby that takes skills. At least that is what experienced cigar smokers reveal. Part of the enjoyment when smoking cigars is admiring that fine craftsmanship and all the hard work invested in manufacturing a perfect cigar.

If you are eager to try these and you wonder what is a good cigar to start with, you should start with the basic things. For example, it’s always better to start with mild cigars and take your time to try several varieties until you’ve acquired a taste for cigars. Experts will probably say that you should pair your cigar with the right drink for the full experience but we also say that you should buy your cigars from experienced tobacconists who can provide some tips as well.  These 10 best tasting cigars for the money are also worth looking at.

One of the problems that smokers face that is not related to health is how expensive cigars can be. But actually, you don’t need to spend a fortune on cigars just to get quality ones. Plenty of cigars available on the market today are very affordable. Later, when you gain some experience, you will figure out what suits you and you can spend more money on cigars if you so wish.

Speaking of quality must try cigars, mentioning Casa Torano cigars and Macanudo Hyde Park is inevitable. But these brands do not exactly fit into the „cheap but good“ description. That is why we searched Holt’s Cigar Company and Cigar Advisor, and we have compiled 10 great cigars for beginners that are good but also affordable. The cheapest one deserved the first place. With our list, you’ll be well on your way to become a cigar connoisseur. After you’re done reading it, check out Cigars for Dummies and buy yourself one of the beginner cigar kits.

Here are 10 good cheap cigars for beginners.

10. Gispert

Price: $3 per stick

Gispert is a cigar that comes from Honduras, and it is excellent for beginners since it is mild-to-medium. It is available in different sizes, and it only cost about $3 per stick. If you want to start with a good and cheap cigar, Gispert ticks all the boxes.

Good Cheap Cigars for Beginners

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