11 Healthcare Careers That Require a Master’s Degree

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If you are looking for a job in healthcare, one of these 11 healthcare careers that require a master’s degree may be to your liking.

When you think of healthcare careers, you immediately think of the next ten years you would have to spend in school. But not all healthcare jobs require all those years of schooling. In fact, many of them only require a master’s degree, as you will see on our list.

There are many benefits to choosing a career in healthcare. It is one of the noblest paths one can take, and one of the most challenging ones too. Not everyone is cut out for a job in healthcare, but those that find themselves attracted to a medical field can have a long, profitable career. Some careers in healthcare require decades of education and training. But if you don’t want to become a surgeon then you don’t need to look at healthcare careers that require a doctorate degree. There are many entry-level positions in healthcare, so there is something for everyone.

Healthcare Careers That Require a Master’s Degree

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If working in healthcare is what motivates you and you wish to pursue that dream, you don’t need a degree to do it. Believe it or not, for some of the positions, you only need a high school diploma! Such positions include home aide care, medical assistant, medical biller or a psychiatric assistant aide. You should know that some of these positions pay pretty well. In fact, here’s an entire list of highest paying healthcare jobs without a degree. You can learn more about well-paying health care jobs by degree level here.

If you are motivated by the prospect of financial gain, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to highest paying jobs with a masters degree in the medical field. Epidemiologists, medical researchers, occupational therapists, and mental health therapists are just some of the career paths that are very profitable if you have a master’s degree. According to WorldWideLearn, physician assistants, speech-language pathologists, nurse anesthetist, and occupational therapists are the highest-paying careers in healthcare you can get with a master’s degree.

If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree and you need more information, you can take a look at this list of medical master’s programs that Study.com compiled to help you decide.

We focused on finding healthcare careers that require a master’s degree in order to be considered for a position. Apart from holding a master’s degree, these positions also require being state-certified and licensed to work, so you should keep that in mind. Of course, these are careers that require a bachelor’s degree as well. Our list is based on the data we retrieved from Study.com and Best Medical Degrees. It may be possible to find employers who do not seek a master’s degree for your desired position and a bachelor’s degree and a state certification may be enough in that case. But in most cases, you must hold a master’s degree if you wish to pursue one of the following healthcare careers.

11. Infection Preventionist

An infection preventionist is usually required to hold a master’s degree in public health from an accredited university. Their task is to evaluate whether an infection is likely to become a problem and to educate people on how to prevent infections. Sometimes, they are required to inform the public about the need for medications for the purposes of preventing an infection from spreading.

Healthcare Careers That Require a Master’s Degree


 Let’s see what else we have on our list of healthcare careers that require a master’s degree, shall we?

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