Top 11 Immigration Countries With Highest Foreign Born Population in the World

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If you are planning on relocating, one of these top 11 immigration countries with highest foreign born population in the world may be a good choice.

In our previous article on top 10 countries with the highest immigration to the US, we wrote about America’s immigration only, and today we’ll take a look at the situation worldwide. Foreign-born population refers to people who have migrated from their country of birth to the country where they are currently living. If you consider the immigration statistics of the USA, it’s clear why America was referred to as the “melting pot.” As we have said in the said article, according to immigration statistics, there were about 47 million immigrants as of 2015, which is about 14.4% of the U.S. Population. The number has significantly risen since then, but it is not the only country in the world with such high immigration population. Countries in the Middle East and Europe rank pretty high on the list as well, as you will see in a few moments. Speaking of Europe, developed European countries are usually top immigration countries, especially Germany (one of the countries with the most immigrants per capita) and France, but they are not very easy to migrate to, at least not in recent years. We managed to create a list of 8 easiest countries to migrate to in Europe in case you’re interested in moving there.

Top Countries With The Highest Immigration to US

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According to International Migration Report 2017, the number of international migrants worldwide continues to grow very fast reaching about 258 million in 2017. The report further states that in 2017, two-thirds of all international migrants were living in only twenty countries with USA, Saudi Arabia, and Germany at the top of the list. While 17 million of international migrants came from India in 2017, Mexico followed with 13 million. As for gender, international migrants in Africa and Asia are predominantly men, while female migrants outnumber male in Europe, Northern America, Oceania, Latin America, and the Caribbean, according to the same report.

The numbers we found while we searched for countries with highest foreign-born population usually include both nationals and non-nationals meaning that the term foreign-born encompasses both immigrants and expatriates. According to InterNations, the list of most common countries of residence for expatriates includes Germany, the USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and a number of other countries. Their statistics suggest that 12% of expatriates moved because they found employment in these countries on their own, which is also one of the most common reasons for relocating. The second reason (also 12%) moved for love or out of a desire to live in their partner’s home country. A much smaller percent of expats moved for education, about 5% while 2% of them wanted to retire in one of these countries.

For our list of top immigration countries 2017, we referred to already mentioned United Nations’ International Migration Report 2017, as it best reflects the current immigration situation in the world and contains world immigration statistics by country. But for the sake of covering both terms, immigrants, and expatriates, we decided to compare the two list in order to provide a better insight into the matter. In the same report you can find information on immigration by country of origin as well.

Here are the top 11 immigration countries with highest foreign born population in the world.

11. Italy

Migrant population: 5.9 million

Italy ranks 9th among the most common residencies for expats but 11th on our list of countries with the highest foreign-born population in the world.

Top Countries With The Highest Immigration to US

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