11 Easiest Kpop Dances for Beginners

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If you feel like dancing, check out our 11 easiest Kpop dances for beginners.

Have you tried learning any Kpop dances yet? When was the last time you just went out to dance? Can you even remember? Dancing is such a healthy activity that relaxes your body and clears your minds. I admire people who can just start dancing anytime even without music. If you feel the vibe and you just want to dance, then you should go for it even if you don’t know all the moves or you think you appear silly to others. The point is that you feel good about yourself. Speaking of dancing, here are 11 good songs to dance to for a talent show, so why not give it a look?

Certain dances, however, do require precise moves that you need to practice a bit even though Kpop dances are perhaps less difficult than others. Not all of them are equally difficult or easy, so some may require a bit more effort. But while you may have to practice and repeat certain moves over and over until you get them right, others are so simple that you’ll probably get it right on your first try.

Easiest Kpop Dances for Beginners


If you’re into hip-hop dance, then 10 easiest Hip Hop dance moves and steps to learn for beginners are for you. But if you are more into Kpop dance, then stick with us because we have compiled a list of easy Kpop dances to learn.

There are many tutorials on YouTube you can watch to learn Kpop dance step by step. Usually, there are several complex steps but once you master them, the rest is easy and pretty repetitive. Songs with a slower tempo can perhaps be mastered more quickly but a fast tempo doesn’t mean the choreography is difficult. We have searched YouTube to find easy Kpop dances to learn, and we came up with a list of 11 simple dances. Amino and Quora were also very helpful. We have included dances that are frequently mentioned as easy on our list and we ranked them accordingly. We have also provided links to YouTube videos with step by step tutorials that will help you master Kpop dancing.

In case you are interested in easy Kpop dances to lose weight AllKpop will help you with some original workout routines to Kpop songs. Also, if you are searching for the easiest Got7 dance, check out their official YouTube channel and watch, listen, and learn. And yes, we are talking about that South Korean boy group, one of the most famous Kpop groups. Speaking of famous, Exo is worth listening as well, and they had more than 380 videos uploaded to YouTube. Therefore, get down to the business, and find the easiest Exo dance to learn as well.

Take a look at 11 easiest Kpop dances for beginners.

11. BTS – War of Hormone

War of Hormone is voted one of the easiest BTS dances to learn, and it is mentioned in all discussions and YouTube videos. This choreography allows you to do whatever you want and act silly on several occasions. That means there are less precise moves which further means it’s an easy dance to learn. Here is a tutorial to help you get started.

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