15 Easiest, Most Relaxed and Flexible Medical Specialties in America

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Those who chose one of the 15 easiest, most relaxed and flexible medical specialties in America will get to avoid hectic schedules and have more time to enjoy themselves.

Before we jump ahead and list the easiest and most relaxed medical specialties, we must emphasize that no medical specialty is actually easy, so don’t be delusional. They all have their challenges albeit quite different. If you are the type of person who is not fond of hard work, then don’t choose medicine. Actually, now that we’re speaking of it, no college is easy if you expect that all you need to do is just appear there and get good grades without any hard work. But medicine is special. Its purpose is to save lives and that’s why you shouldn’t and can’t slack off.

But as with any other programs, there are rumors of this one being easier or harder than that one. Why? There are plenty of factors to consider. First of all, by easy medical specialty do you mean easy to get into or easy to complete? Easy because there are no long hours and you get to be free on weekends? What are your criteria for easy? You should ask yourself that if you really want to find an answer. You can take this quiz to find out what the ideal medical specialty is for you so why don’t you try it, at least just for fun? Also, bear in mind that a relaxed lifestyle and flexible hours greatly depend on you, meaning that if you are not ambitious and eager to be the leader in your field, you can manage to have relaxed lifestyle even with the hardest residencies.

Easiest, Most Relaxed and Flexible Medical Specialties in America


So what is the hardest medical specialty to get into? Some would say neurosurgery but then again, what’s difficult for you may not be for someone else. You may take a look at 11 Most Intellectually Challenging Cerebral Medical Specialty in the US. On the other hand, when it comes to the easiest residency programs to get into, people usually vote for general practitioners or family medicine physicians. We wrote about least competitive medical specialties in America so check it out if you are interested in those.

Due to all these different approaches and points of view, you can see why defining the easiest medical specialties is not a simple task. However, our title also includes most relaxed and flexible medical specialties or the ones that don’t require you to work almost 24/7. We checked out what med students and specialists have to say about different fields and for that purpose, we visited Quora and SDN, and if you need further help choosing the right medical specialty for you, we found this great ultimate guide to choosing a medical specialty.

Radiation oncology is often mentioned as one of the best medical specialties for mothers who want more free time to spend with their families. When it comes to specialties with best lifestyle dermatology will probably be one of the first suggestions you’ll hear but that is not the only medical specialty.

Before we introduce our list, let us once again mention that there is no such thing as an easy medical specialty and when it comes to working hours, it depends on where you go. While some work less, other specialists in the same field may work twice as hard somewhere else.

Now let’s take a look at 15 easiest, most relaxed and flexible medical specialties in America.

15. Pediatric Emergency Medicine

If we are talking about specialties that require the least amount of work, then perhaps a good suggestion would be pediatric emergency medicine, a subspecialty that is perfect for those who love children. They don’t have half the emergencies as regular emergency medicine according to the experiences of pediatric emergency medicine specialists.

Easiest, Most Relaxed and Flexible Medical Specialties in America

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