26 Worst, Most Feared, Biggest Gangsters in the World

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These 26 worst, most feared, biggest gangsters in the world have made sure the world remembers them.

Dangerous gangs are everywhere, and they commit countless crimes every day all around the world. Some of these dangerous groups are local while others that are well organized become international and spread everywhere. According to the FBI report, about 1.4 million gang members who belong to more than 33,000 gangs were criminally active in the United States only. But, there is more! According to the same report, criminal gangs are responsible for about 48 % of violent crime in most jurisdictions while the numbers reach 90% in rest.

Worst, Most Feared, Biggest Gangsters in the World

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Furthermore, it appears that gangs are not going anywhere. Instead, they are only becoming more dangerous. They are enhancing their criminal operations, becoming more adaptable and they connect with other gang members. We wrote about this earlier in 8 Easiest Gangs to Join in and Get Out where you can also read about ex-gang members, who managed to get out of these dangerous criminal groups.

Some of the worst gangsters in the world have made sure we remember their gruesome deeds as if they are competing who will be in the world top gangster list. In order to fight gangs and their criminal violence, the FBI established the National Gang Intelligence Center in 2005. But gangs remain as powerful as ever, and America’s cities are filled with them. If you want to learn more about gangs in the U.S., take a look at 11 Biggest Gangs in America. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles in 1980s, involved in drug-smuggling and known for savage beatings and assassinations is ranked pretty high on the list. Read about how to join MS 13, and eventually to get out of it in the NYPost’s article. As for the rest of the world, some of the most brutal and dangerous gangs are the Mungiki — the machete-wielding ethnic gang from Kenya, Los Zetas — the Mexican cartel operating in Mexico, and the Chechen mafia in Moscow, to name a few.

We decided to compile a list and include the worst, biggest gangsters the world has ever seen. We included both well-known names from the past and some biggest gangsters in the world today. While mostly operating in the United States, gangsters on our list include some of the top 10 gangsters in India and other parts of the world as well.

There are names in the gangster world that are familiar to everyone but to compile this list, we also watched many YouTube videos about most dangerous criminals on the Earth, and real-life career criminals. We didn’t rank the gangsters in any particular way except we placed the two most famous ones at the top of the list, of course. Here are the 26 worst, most feared, biggest gangsters in the world.

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