10 Easiest Simple Illusion Tricks to Learn for Beginners

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If you want to mesmerize your audience by playing with magic, then you can rely on our list of 10 easiest simple illusion tricks to learn for beginners.

Who doesn’t like magic, right? It’s fun, creative, and it makes simple things seem impossible or magical. If you would like to learn how to do magic tricks for beginners, then stick with us because the tricks we listed today are simple enough for everyone to do.

Kids usually want to learn a few magic tricks as they are fascinated by this mysterious art which makes things disappear and appear all of a sudden. And you, as a parent, can help them with that because there are many tutorials on how to perform some basic tricks such as easy magic tricks with coins. We have actually already wrote about easiest coin magic tricks ever for kids which are great for beginners. Your kid(s) would surely love to entertain friends with a splendid (but easy) magic trick so take a look at the list and pick one.

Easiest Simple Illusion Tricks To Learn For Beginners

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According to Rebel Magic, there are three stages when it comes to learning how to do magic. The first one is discovery, and in this phase, you actually stumble upon magic tricks you really like and want to learn to perform. The next stage is practice, and the last one is mastery. The final phase implies that you have perfected performing the trick that you can do even with your eyes closed. The tutorials also suggest that you should not rush to show your friends and family what you’ve learned but to take enough time to practice and master the tricks. Then, you can utterly amaze your spectators with your impressive illusion tricks.

When deciding to learn about magic, you should also think about what kinds of magic tricks are you interested in. There are many different types of tricks that you can perform, so focusing on a specific kind can help. You can learn easy magic tricks with cards, easy magic tricks with paper, learn to levitate things, bend things, make things disappear, etc. It’s your pick. Our list contains a mixture of tricks that are simple and very amusing. You can find more details on types of magic tricks by visiting Sternberg Clarke.

Amazingly, some tricks that appeared rather difficult to us at first were in fact quite simple once professionals explain how it’s done. In order to do our research, we first watched a lot of magic tricks being performed and then we watched the explanation step by step for each and every one of them. We relied on The Spruce and their extensive collection of illusion tricks when compiling this list. Our criteria for compiling the list of easiest simple illusion tricks were tricks that don’t require a lot of time to master and those that also don’t require many items to perform them. The Spruce also has quite a list of easy magic tricks for kids, so check it out to find something you’ll like.

With these simple magic tricks, both kids and adults can amaze their audiences, and some are even great easy magic tricks for kids to do at school. So let’s get to the point and have a look at 10 easiest simple illusion tricks to learn for beginners.

10. Float and Spin a Playing Card

To learn this easy trick, you don’t need much time or too many items. First, you must prepare the card by using a clear adhesive tape and attaching a bit of a thread to the card. Make sure you attach the thread to the back of the playing card and then run the other end of the thread over your hand and then attach it to your shirt button. You can see the details of this trick by watching the video below, which contains everything you need to know.

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