15 Good Excuses To Miss Work For An Interview

Let’s face it, we all need some good excuses to miss work for an interview every once in a while!

We’ve all been there. We finally got a call back for that job we’ve always wanted. But there is this problem, we don’t know how to get out of work. Calling in sick for a job interview seems somehow risky but most of us would rather choose this option than to be honest with our bosses. Not everyone has the fortune to have flexible hours.

This makes you ask yourself do employers have to let you go to interviews? Unfortunately for us, employers are in no legal obligation to give us time off to go to job interviews (although that might be an awesome idea!). That leaves us with the good old excuses that will give us a few hours off or better yet, the entire day off to go to the interview for a job we really really want.



Pulling this can be very stressful for many people. We fear that our current boss will find out about our little lie and fire us before we have even secured another job. Hence the need for this list with good excuses to out of work last minute. However, others are sort of like pros at this since they’ve done it many times, and they have probably read our previous article regarding good excuses to miss work on short notice.

While researching on this topic, we had to wonder what happens when things are turned around – when you miss an interview due to an emergency?  A good excuse for missing a job interview might save you and even get the interviewer to reschedule. You’ll never know when will you need one of those so, take a look at what College Recruiter suggests, with our favorite being “there was an emergency at work, and it would have been irresponsible to leave”. Yes, you are right, it is kind of sleazy posing as a really good employer, but if you are really in a situation that you must use an excuse why not use the one that will present you in the good light? After all, you might as well be a good worker who is just looking for a better job opportunity.

Now, back to the main topic – skipping work for a job interview. We’ve asked the “pros” on Reddit about calling in sick for a job interview and selected those excuses deemed most successful by Redditors. Additionally, we sought help compiling a list of excuses for calling out of work for a job interview from The Balance and opinions from Quora. A tip, it’s always better to take the entire day off if possible because that way, you won’t have to be in a hurry or fear being late back to work. But before we introduce our list, it is important to emphasize that whether these excuses will work or not depends greatly on your employer and your relationship with your boss. They are not guaranteed to work for everyone but out of the 15 excuses we’ve prepared, you are bound to find at least one that will help you.

Let’s check out 15 good excuses for missing work for a job interview!