16 Fun Debate Topics for High School Students

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Stick with us to hear about 16 fun debate topics for high school students that we prepared.

Aren’t debates fun? Well, probably not for everyone, but surely they are a splendid way to inspire students to develop critical thinking.  Even when the topic seems far from educational, there are numerous benefits from debating that you are unaware of. When you engage in a debate, you have to research the topic and come up with argumentative answers. The speaking skills you acquire through debating are invaluable, but another benefit from participating in debates is the fact you learn how to work with your team. You share your ideas and thoughts, fighting for a common goal together.

Try to bear these benefits in minds the next time when you have a chance to participate in a debate at school. You will definitely learn valuable skills and, you may have some fun, you never know especially if you pick an unusual, funny or controversial debate topic. If you are bored by the usual high school stuff, these 17 controversial debate topics for teenagers can shake things up a bit. Such topics can be related to social media and Internet privacy, for example, or whether it is easier to be an adult or a teenager. Check out the list for more ideas if you are up for something more controversial than usual. On the other hand, if you want a topic where you can excel in front of your class, pick one of the easiest debate topics for high school. By easiest debate topics we mean those that are not difficult to discuss as there are plenty of information on the matters so you can prepare. Such topics include animal testing, school uniforms, video games etc. Take a look at the list and take your pick. The same goes for the lists of good debate topics for kids and debate topics for primary students.

Fun Debate Topics for High School Students


When it comes to debating, many students avoid them as they are afraid of public speaking or fear that they won’t be good at it at all. But the key to becoming successful at debating is practice. It is not only relevant to come up with good content for your argument but to be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a clear and confident way so that others are convinced in what you are saying. Or at least to make them ask themselves whether they were wrong all along. You should be passionate about what you are saying because people would then listen to you. If you have factual evidence but you don’t sound convinced and determined, you are less likely to make a good impression on those listening to you. These two things combined will definitely win you a debate. If you need to practice, here’s some help.

Today, we prepared a list of debatable topics for those who want something a little bit more amusing. None of that government, abortion or grades related stuff. Just fun, light topics that all high school students will probably enjoy. You can share your opinions and have fun too. Perhaps when you take a look at the list of debate topics we compiled, you’ll consider joining the debate club in your school. Despite the humorous titles and light topics, students can still get intellectually stimulated, and that is priceless. To compile our fabulous list of debate topics, we had to come across a lot of those boring old ones in order to find something fresh and fun. We visited Quora and Buzzle and found some great suggestions. We hope these debate topics will inspire you to participate in school debates more.

Here are 16 fun debate topics for high school students.

16. Hamburger vs. Cheeseburger?

We are obsessed with fast food despite all the talks of how unhealthy it is. And considering that both hamburgers and cheeseburgers are delicious, but which one is better? If you really had to choose, which one would you pick?

Fun Debate Topics for High School Students


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