Top 10 Plastic Surgery Countries in 2018

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If you are planning on undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, one of these top 10 plastic surgery countries in 2018 is a natural choice.

When we think about plastic surgery, certain stars who positively ruined their appearance with countless procedures are the first things that come to our mind. But plastic surgery has become so common that probably all of us know at least one person who’s had a procedure to change something about their appearance. Even though rhinoplasty is still one of the most common procedures, it’s not just the nose, the lips, and the breasts anymore. Women and men both undergo a series of procedures to change their appearance entirely. Their chin and cheeks are among the top choices when it comes to plastic surgery. Just to be clear, we’re not judging. On the contrary, if improving one’s aesthetic features of the body makes them more confident and thus happier, then we say go for it.

Opinions are divided when it comes to plastic surgery but if we are truly free to do as we like then why should we be concerned with what people have to say? In fact, more men are becoming interested in plastic surgery than ever, and they are not afraid to say it. Sometimes, people go too far when trying to fix themselves or undergo a lot of procedures just to resemble a celebrity (there is a Cara Delevingne eyebrow transplant for God’s sake), but when not used for such hideous purposes like wanting to look like Kim K or someone else who is famous, plastic surgery can have a positive effect on one’s quality of life. For example, if you have always hated your nose and it has caused you a lack of self-confidence, then a nose job done right can change your life completely.

Top Plastic Surgery Countries in 2018


According to HarpersBazar, last year was the year when the popularity of cosmetic procedures grew significantly. Searches for micro needling and Botox went up, as well as searches for the non-surgical nose job and other procedures. Among the top nine non-surgical procedures last year were the non-surgical fat reduction, fillers, hair restorations, facial lasers, etc.

You have probably heard of medical tourism by now which is nothing new. People decide they want a cosmetic procedure to enhance their appearance, so they take a trip to one of the countries where it is much cheaper to undergo such procedures. In this way, they save a lot of money and get the desired results. Many people find an incredible doctor overseas and decide that it’s worth to pay that country a visit. Others find the lower prices than home to be very appealing. Some of these countries actually become well-known for having a great number of cosmetic procedures per year. For example, Brazil and Japan are among the top plastic surgery countries.

However, when choosing a plastic surgeon, it is very important not to cheap out, as you are probably aware. Inexperienced patients will probably be tempted by the low prices that they would overlook the plastic surgeon’s credentials. Plastic surgery is a very risky procedure that can either make your life better or a living hell if you end up with botched lips or nose or something else. To hear what plastic surgeons think of medical tourism or traveling to undergo a cosmetic procedure, visit The Plastic Surgery Channel.

When it comes to countries with most plastic surgeries per capita, France and Venezuela are among the top 15 countries. For the rest of the list take a look at our list of countries with the most plastic surgery per capita in the world.

Today we are dealing with top plastic surgery countries in the world in 2018, but due to the fact that it’s still very early to have any precise reports on cosmetic surgery statistics for this year, we had to turn to other sources. IASP or the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has an annual study on cosmetic procedures and countries with the most plastic surgery, so we based our list on their complete report for the year 2017. IASP surveys plastic surgeons worldwide and provides statistics for the number and the type of aesthetic procedures performed. They provide the statistics for each year and rank the countries according to the number of cosmetic procedures performed, the type of the procedures, etc. With no new and precise data available for this year, we’ll consider these 2017 countries as the top 10 plastic surgery countries in the world in 2018 as well.

Before we introduce our list, we should mention a few of the other countries that didn’t make it to the top 10 but were very close to it. Those are Colombia and Spain, with about half a million of cosmetic procedures performed in each country during 2017. Both Colombia and Spain account for about 2% of the world’s total number of plastic surgery procedures performed last year.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 plastic surgery countries in 2018.

10. France

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 517,731

Half a million cosmetic procedures were performed in France last year which puts this country at the tenth place on our list of top plastic surgery countries. France accounts for 2.2% of the world’s cosmetic procedures. Interestingly, France was not among the top 5 countries when it comes to breast augmentation procedures, facial rejuvenation or body, and extremities procedures.

Top Plastic Surgery Countries in 2018


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