12 Countries Where Blacks Are Welcomed

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If you are planning on moving overseas, we’ve compiled a list of 12 countries where blacks are welcomed that you should take a look at.

Unfortunately, times are such that we are forced to rethink every step we take and that concerns traveling too. Nowadays, when you want to take a trip, you must first check the situation in that specific country or place to clarify is it safe and are you even welcome there.

Despite the fact that we have evolved so much over the past few decades, people are still prone to prejudices and judgemental behavior. People of African descent are common targets of biased individuals and their misconceptions. It is very unfortunate, but we must acknowledge the fact that many are still prejudiced towards black people and work on eliminating that issue. It is completely understandable why a great number of black people refrain from traveling to certain destinations for fear of being mocked or ridiculed. But that is not the way to solve this major problem. On the contrary, they should travel as much as they can and thus give people the opportunity to learn something about you and expand their mind. This is important because although countries with no black population are almost inexistent, there are many areas where people don’t have the chance to encounter a person of African descent and so there’s still room for prejudice and even hatred. On the other hand, there is this nonsense ideology of one nation or race is superior over another that prevails in some countries.

Countries Where Blacks Are Welcomed

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If you’re wondering what the worst countries for black tourists are, we mentioned some of those places in our previous article 11 Worst Countries for Black People to Travel. Many economically advanced and developed countries made it to the list like South Korea, which is prejudiced even against other Asian nations, and the USA, the land of the free. On the other hand, among the best countries for black tourists, we mentioned Colombia and Cuba, among others.

The only way to eliminate prejudice is to travel and see as many destinations as possible. Many travel bloggers of African descent agree with this, and that is exactly what encouraged us to write this list. While we hope that discrimination against not only black people but all people will seize to exist in the future, for now, we can rely on those countries where you’ll feel comfortable enough to stay. For those of you who still fear traveling but would love to experience a new country and culture, we have prepared a list of countries where blacks are welcomed.

To come up with this list, we relied on experiences of travelers who shared their view on The Root‘N a Perfect World, Atlanta Black Star, and Expat Kings, as well as discussions on Quora. Then we ranked the countries according to how many times they were mentioned. Countries with the largest black population made it to our list as well. One thing should be emphasized though, metropolitan cities and capitals of states are usually more open-minded and culturally diverse than smaller towns. Therefore, even if you are most welcome in a Berlin, for example, you may find it to be risky to visit the rural parts of the country. Therefore, we have considered actual experiences of people who visited these countries we’ll talk about, and we ranked them accordingly. Not everyone’s experiences are equal though and while one black person reports nothing but positive memories, another may say they have been confronted with a negative attitude towards the black community.

Despite all the issues related to discrimination of all kinds going on at the moment, we can hope these limitations will be eliminated in the future. It is the time we erased the differences between nations, cultures as well as religions, and finally, realize that we are all living on the same planet and breathe the same air. Fortunately, there are many countries that love black guys as well as girls and we encourage you to travel and help people see you for what you really are, simply human. However, if you are considering moving to one of these countries, the best answer is to visit the place first and spend some time there as in the end, only your experience matters.

Without further ado, we present to you 12 countries where blacks are welcomed.

12. Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries with largest black population outside of Africa. It is often considered to be some sort of a sanctuary for black people. Black and mixed-race population form the majority in this county of beautiful men and women, so no wonder many black expats decide to retire in Brazil. True, there is a class disparity between the black and white and some rural areas are struck by poverty, but you are most likely to be greeted with tolerance should you decide to visit this country.

Countries Where Blacks Are Welcomed

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