17 Countries with the Most Single Females in the World in 2018

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If you’re a single male, you’d definitely want to visit one of these 17 countries with the most single females in the world in 2018.

Being single is tough, especially on holidays. Not so much because of holiday per se, but because others keep reminding you that you’re on your own while everyone else is exchanging gifts and so on. Finding someone worthwhile has become a true challenge. However, if you’re a guy, then finding a girl should be relatively easy or easier than it is for a girl to find a guy. Why? Well, first of all, because there are so many places where females far outnumber the males so naturally, you have more choices. In countries with more females than males, women are the ones struggling to find someone to share their future with. We definitely think that dating for women is difficult in these 11 countries with highest female population. When it comes to countries with the highest female population in the world, it is impossible not to mention countries like Latvia, Lithuania or Ukraine where the majority of the population is female.

countries with the most single females in the world in 2018

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If you are looking for the best countries to find a girlfriend, according to the United Nations report from 2015, there are 124 countries in the world with more females than males, so the odds are on your side. These might not be the best countries to be a woman, but they are places where females definitely outnumber the males. Also, if you want to learn more about best and worst countries for women’s rights, check out this map. On the other hand, the country with the highest male population, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates has the lowest female to male ratio. For more details on the male to female ratio in the world check out 15 Countries with the highest Male to Female Ration in the World.

However, with all the visa requirements and the trips overseas, you may not want to leave the country to find a girlfriend. In that case, you should turn to the places with the highest female population in the U.S. Raoul, Georgia, for example, is the city with highest female population where women constitute slightly more than 80% of the population, according to City-Data.

But how would we calculate which countries have the highest number of single females in the world? As this task is not entirely easy, and we couldn’t find any precise data on the percentage of single women in each country, we decided to rank the countries in a different way. There is also not enough data for the year we’re in, which leaves us with little choice. The United Nations report provides detailed information on world population by gender and female to male ratio. The report is from 2015, so we’re guessing the situation didn’t change a lot by now. There is also a report from The World Bank on the percentage of the female population in about 200 countries, so we used that as well. It would be natural to assume that countries with significantly more females than males are the countries with most single women as well. Therefore, we listed 17 countries with the highest female population where your chances of meeting a woman are pretty high. Some of these countries are rather small, but some of them are homes to millions of people which means plenty of choice for you. According to the report, the world has 101.1 males for every 100 females, but before you let these statistics discourage you, wait till you see the female to male ratio for the countries in our list.

These are the 17 countries with the most single females in the world in 2018.

17. Antigua and Barbuda

Percentage of female population: about 52%

Women per men: 109.20

You’ll find more in Antigua and Barbuda besides the beautiful beaches. There are significantly more women than men on the islands.

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