15 Funny Things to Sign Your Friends Up for Phone

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These 15 funny things to sign your friends up for phone are hilarious and if you appreciate a good prank, you should check them out.

If there is one thing that never gets old it’s pulling pranks on your friends, coworkers, and family members. Some people find it very amusing, well, those pulling a prank find it amusing, while others find it somewhat annoying. People who don’t appreciate surprises are not really fans of pranks, so maybe you should pull a prank on everyone. Unless someone’s angrily reaction makes you laugh.

Funny Things to Sign Your Friends Up for Phone


If you remember, we wrote about a similar matter earlier regarding newsletters to sign people up to annoy them. (You can refresh your memory by checking out 15 Most Annoying Newsletters to Sign Horrible People Up To).

Nowadays when everyone’s attached to their smartphones and literally staring at them all day, what’s the best way to pull a prank on your friend then by using his favorite device-the smartphone? Funny cell phone pranks never seize to be amusing. If you catch your friend off guard, you can use the opportunity to sign him up for a funny app, and then just sit back and watch.

There are lots of pranks to play over the phone and so many ways to mess with your friends using our smartphones. Cell phone number pranks like new number prank and similar are a bit outdated, don’t you think? Well, read the list below and you’ll see we were right. If you get a chance, you can find some funny things to sign your friends up for email, as well.

To compile our list of funny things to sign your friends up for phone, we found the best apps to prank your friends via phone. You can either sign them up for these apps or download them yourself and then mess with your coworkers or friends by sending them funny stuff or prank calling them. We searched Google Play to find the best funny prank apps, but we also checked out suggestions from Easy Tech Trick, Reddit, and Fueled.

15. Cat Facts Text

This amusing app spams your friend with facts about cats. When you sign your friend up for this Cat Facts, he will receive daily texts about felines. You can also choose between dog or sloth facts.

Funny Things to Sign Your Friends Up for Phone


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