12 Countries that Consume the Most Coffee in the World

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If you’re reading 12 countries that consume the most coffee in the world, then you’re probably a coffee enthusiast who takes drinking coffee very seriously.

Indeed, drinking coffee is sort of a ritual, something we look forward to in the morning and something we use to plan to spend time with someone. After all, there is a reason no one says “Hey, let’s grab a cup of juice together.” That leads us to the conclusion that coffee actually connects people. Would we gather with our friends in coffee shops that often if we didn’t share the same passion for coffee? Probably not. That is why we all want the best tasting highest rated coffee beans in the world to inspire us in the morning. Speaking of best, here are the top 20 coffee brands in the world if you want to try something different. However, if you’re interested in tasting the top 10 coffee brands in America, then here’s a list for you.

Countries that Consume the Most Coffee in the World


When you drink your morning cup of coffee, you probably never think of people worldwide and how do they drink their coffee. Are their rituals different than ours? Drinking coffee is actually very different in different parts of the world. What about how much coffee they consume? Well, that differs too. Some countries like coffee more than others and that’s what we’ll talk about today.

Coffee is also the second most traded commodity in the world, right after oil, and some countries produce a lot of it. Colombia, Ethiopia, and Indonesia are just some of the countries that export the most coffee in the world.

So, it appears that most of us are fond of the beverage. But who likes it the most? Thanks to many sources such as Caffeine Informer, The Telegraph (data from 2017), World Atlas, and SBS, we were able to see details of coffee consumption by country and coffee consumption per capita, so we made a comparison and came up with our list. And, we did find out which nations drink the most coffee. We bet you’ll be surprised to see the results because the countries that drink the most coffee aren’t the same countries that produce the most coffee beans. Just to be clear, coffee consumption statistics vary greatly from one source to another. Therefore, the numbers provided shouldn’t be taken as 100% correct and small variations are possible. Just a hint, you’ll be surprised by Finland coffee consumption results!

 So let’s pour ourselves a cup of coffee and check out the 12 countries that consume the most coffee in the world.

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kg per capita: 4.3

Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 12th on the list, but that is still a lot of coffee on a yearly basis. The average person in this country consumes about 4.3 kg per capita.

Countries that Consume the Most Coffee in the World

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