16 Easiest College Majors That Make the Most Money

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If you haven’t decided what you’ll major in yet, check out these 16 easiest college majors that make the most money.

Getting out of college and finding a well-paying job is every student’s dream, mostly. We dream of finally seeing the results of all the years we spent studying and the sleepless nights. We comfort ourselves telling each other that it will all be worth it one day when we get superb jobs and earn loads of money. Well, in reality, things are different. We would all like a career that is rewarding and financially stable, but achieving that balance is hard, so we often must suppress our passions and go for the profitable careers.

 Easiest College Majors That Make the Most Money

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We must be very clever when choosing a major because we need to consider several factors. Money seems to be the most relevant factor nowadays, so most students consider how much they will earn upon graduation. Others want an easy major, but that is a tricky factor because it depends on so many things. If the easiest to you mean the one that requires the least amount of work, then you’ve come to a good place. But if you’re hoping you’ll get into college and get your degree in no time by doing nothing, you’re wrong. Most of them require at least some hard work here and then so don’t get your hopes high. Perhaps it’s better if we refer to these majors as easier compared with others because that is certainly possible to find. On the other hand, if your definition of an easy major is majors that make money and are fun, then here’s a whole list of suggestions for you.

Earlier, we gathered a list of 10 easiest colleges that will earn your money back, but today we’ll attempt to compile a list of 16 majors that are relatively easy and profitable too.

Many will argue that choosing your major according to how much money you’ll earn is wrong, but times are such that we are simply forced to put financial benefits first. No one guarantees you a job when you’re out of college so we must think thoroughly before we decide what our major will be. Of course, everyone knows that medical/health majors are extremely profitable. Petroleum engineering is definitely one of the highest-paying majors that guarantees a profitable future (starting salary of about $94,600, mid-career salary $175,000). Given the numbers, it’s clear why this is becoming a popular choice among students. But this is not a major you choose if you want four casual, laid-back years. You choose one of the easiest majors to take in college that pay well for that. Pharmaceutical sciences and administration are also profitable and probably some of the best college degrees for the future.

When it comes to high-paying colleges, it’s hard to single out those that are relatively easy. On the other hand, easy majors don’t often pay that well. To find a balance, we researched to discover what majors are considered easy (or easier), how much do they pay, and then we selected the best-paying ones. To find out what majors are considered to be easy we checked out Campus Explorer, Outstanding Colleges, as well as discussions on Reddit. We also visited College Choice to see their list of highest paying careers. To rank them according to the salaries, we considered the most common occupations people who choose these majors, hold, and we used PayScale to compare the median annual salaries. Remember that these are only average annual salaries and there is potential for earning much more than the numbers below indicate. The early career salary is significantly lower than what you’ll earn as an experienced employee who’s been in the industry for years.

Once again, we must emphasize that whether or not you find these majors easy is very subjective and that is OK. For example, if someone is excellent at mathematics, they will find it to be easy, while someone who studies literature (like me) will find it so hard. But according to people’s opinions, these are the easiest majors.

We present to you 16 easiest college majors that make the most money.

16. Horticulture

Median annual salary: $40,082

If you decide to major in horticulture studies, you will learn about plants and how to grow them. You can specialize in landscape design, floral design, etc. Some will find majoring in horticulture to be one of the easiest choices you can make. You can earn about $40,000 per year on average.

 Easiest College Majors That Make the Most Money

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