12 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online

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Getting rid of used items you no longer want has never been easier with these 12 best apps to sell stuff locally and online, so let’s check them out.

How lucky are we to live in an age where we don’t even have to lift our finger in order to buy something? Online shopping has changed the way we live, and while it may be lazy or sometimes annoying if you end up with the wrong size or color of an item, it is certainly convenient.

If you are interested in buying or selling items, you’ve probably researched some websites to buy and sell items so far, or you’ve checked out Wallpop vs Letgo vs Offerup vs Craigslist: Best App To Sell Stuff. Selling stuff locally is appealing because of one great advantage, and that is the fact that you don’t lose profit to shipping costs. Apps for selling stuff in your neighborhood and in your area are have made it really easy to sell stuff quickly. The process is very quick. You simply snap a photo of the item or items you wish to sell, write a short description, and set your price. Once you’ve picked the category, that’s it, you have successfully listed an item you want to sell.

 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online


When using apps or websites to sell stuff locally, instead of shipping an item to a buyer’s address, you will meet with your buyer in person. Speaking of that, it is best if you agree to meet in a public spot just to be on the safe side. But if you’re not really keen on meeting with the buyers in person and you’d rather spend a few bucks on shipping costs instead, you should stick to selling stuff online only.

Now, the best apps to sell stuff are the popular apps because they will bring you the widest audience. The more people use the app, the more people will see your item so pay attention to that when you’re choosing the app. Those of you interested in making a business of it should consider what the best items to sell are. For that purpose, you should check out 11 High Margin Products to Sell Online.

Most of us have some old used items we no longer use. Why not get rid of them and earn some money too? There are some apps for selling certain categories only such as electronics, cars, furniture, etc. And there are others that allow you to sell all sorts of things such as eBay. While undoubtedly, eBay is probably the best place to find buyers and sellers, there are other great apps worth considering. In fact, there are so many of them that choosing only 12 was not all that easy.

We wanted to compile an ultimate list of the best apps to sell stuff locally and online, so we did a research to find the most popular apps. We wanted to find out what people who used these apps in the apps or are using them now think of them, so we checked what people on Reddit have to say about these apps. Naturally, we selected the most popular ones that people suggested, but we also considered sources such as The Balance and Well Kept Wallet as well, as they have listed some of the best apps for selling and buying things too.

Here are the 12 best apps to sell stuff locally and online.

12. Shpock

Shpock is a great app to sell used things you no longer need. As it is very easy to list an item, why don’t you get rid of that cluster of things and earn a few bucks too?  Snap a photo of all the items you don’t want to use any more, write a short description for each of them, and set your desired price. You can use the app for free or upgrade to premium membership. This allows you to use the app without any ads and you can also add more photos. Shpock is quite a popular app for selling stuff.

 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online

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