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Author Archive - Isabel Rollandi

The 10 Best Selling Products Online

Do you want to know which ten products top the list of the best selling products online? Well here are some interesting facts about top selling online......(read more)

Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs in the World

Wondering which are the most expensive rugs in the world? The world of rugs and carpets is a vast one, with millions of different types of patterns, designs......(read more)

Top 13 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in the World

Wondering which are the most expensive mountain bikes in the world? Bicycling is a very popular activity, and in some countries, it is even one of the......(read more)

The 5 Most Expensive Luggage Bags and Brands in the World

Feeling curious about the most expensive luggage bags and brands in the world? Traveling these days has come to be a regular occurrence for many a traveler......(read more)

The 5 Most Expensive Bottled Waters in the World

Feeling curious about which are the most expensive bottled waters in the world? This might not come as a surprise to you if you are interested in the......(read more)

The 8 Most Expensive Tennis Rackets in the World

Wondering which are the most expensive tennis rackets in the world? It is clear that technology has improved and perfected almost every product in the......(read more)

The 10 Largest Pharmaceutical Companies In the World

Wondering which are the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world? The collective biotech and pharmaceutical industry is known to be one of the most......(read more)

The 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive cigarette brands in the world are? Cigarettes are among the most consumed products in the world, and approximately......(read more)
Ascend Capital 2014 Q3 Investor Letter

The 10 Best Wall Street Movies

Wondering which are the best Wall Street movies ever to hit the screen? The movie industry is undoubtedly one of the largest in the world, and over the......(read more)

The 10 Most Expensive Golf Memberships

Wondering which are the most expensive golf memberships in the world? There are numerous gold courses in the world, but everything about them is drastically......(read more)

The 10 Cities with the Worst Drivers in the World

Curious about some of the cities with the worst drivers in the world? We have all been stuck in traffic jams, and we usually complain about traffic in......(read more)

The 10 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Created

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive dresses ever created? Over the past few decades the fashion world has produced amazing pieces by haute......(read more)

The 10 Most Overused Excuses in the World

Have you ever wondered which are the most overused excuses in the world? We all eventually make use of some of the most overused excuses in the world......(read more)
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The 17 Most Sugary Drinks in the World

Are you curious as to what the most sugary drinks in the world are? Soft drinks, shakes, sodas, juices, energy drinks and other beverages are incredibly......(read more)

The 10 Safest Dog Breeds for Children

Do you want to know about the safest dog breeds for children? If you have children, you’ve probably heard them begging every year for a puppy. Well......(read more)

The 10 Best LoL Teams in the World

Curious which are the best LoL teams in the world? If you are a gamer and a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) fan, you already know League of Legends......(read more)

Top 10 Worst Marketing Campaigns Ever Produced

Wondering which are the worst marketing campaigns ever produced? It has come to be evident that a marketing campaign can pretty much determine a product......(read more)

Top 5 Diets that Help You Lose Weight

Wondering which are the best diets that help you lose weight? The thing about dieting is that although it seems possible and even simple on the surface......(read more)
Biggest Coffee Drinking Countries in the World

The 10 Best Ways to Stay Awake

Are you curious about which are the best ways to stay awake? Long working hours, stressful jobs, a lack of sleep, overeating, and troubling social and......(read more)

5 Most Expensive Cities to Live in New Jersey

Wondering which are the five most expensive cities to live in New Jersey? America has lots of lovely places to live in, each one with its particular......(read more)

The 10 Best High Schools in New York

If you live in or are considering moving to New York, you’ll probably want to know which are the best high schools in New York. Choosing a school for......(read more)
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The 15 Most Famous Carl Icahn Quotes

Wondering what some of the most famous Carl Icahn quotes are? These days, it is very easy to come across some great quotes from great people over the......(read more)

The 10 Most Dangerous States to be a Cop

Have you ever wondered which are the most dangerous states to be a cop? Being a police officer is known to be a hard and dangerous job. Police men and......(read more)

The 10 Best Ways to Fall Asleep

If you are tired of lingering for hours in bed until you fall asleep, here are the ten best ways to fall asleep. There is probably nothing more disturbing......(read more)

The 10 Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe

Do you want to know what some of the craziest conspiracy theories in the world are? Various events which have occurred (or reportedly occurred) throughout......(read more)
Most Expensive Burgers in the World

The 6 Easiest Franchises To Start Making Money With

Are you planning to open a business? Then check out this list of the six easiest franchises to start! When looking for a good business opportunity in......(read more)

The 10 Most Powerful Gangs in the World

Do you want to know which gangs are the most powerful gangs in the world? Gangs are spread all across the world, operating at local, national, regional......(read more)

10 Ways to Display Professionalism in the Workplace and Gain the Respect of Your Colleagues

If you’re entering or already in the workforce, it’s important you understand how to display professionalism in the workplace. Sometimes......(read more)
Least Expensive Cities In the World

The 9 Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists to Visit

Wondering which the are most dangerous countries for tourists? Despite the natural beauty and cultural significance of some places, certain countries......(read more)

Shopaholics Rejoice: The 12 Biggest Malls in the World

Have you ever wondered where the biggest malls in the world are, and just how many stores they contain? If so, you are going to love this list, and may......(read more)

Fright Night: 10 Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Have you ever wondered which are the best horror movies based on true stories? When we are watching a horror film, one of the first things we say to......(read more)

Mach Mania: The 10 Fastest Jets in the World

Have you ever wondered what the fastest jets in the world are, and just how fast they can go? Then you’ve come to the right list. High speed is......(read more)

The 10 Richest Asian Countries in the World in 2014

Wondering which are the richest Asian countries in the world? Money makes the world go round, no matter whether you’re in Europe, North or South......(read more)
Most Expensive Jewelry Brands

All that Glitters: The 7 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands in the World

Curious about what the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world? As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Every woman dreams about wearing......(read more)

Breath of Fresh Air: The 25 Countries with the Best Air Quality on the Planet

Are you curious which are the countries with the best air quality? Over the past decades, environmental issues have gained visibility and relevance.......(read more)

Healthy and Happy: The 10 Countries with Lowest Healthcare Costs

Have you ever been curious about where the countries with lowest healthcare costs are located? Healthcare is something every country has to deal with......(read more)

The 6 Best Company Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie

Are you curious about what some of the best company team building activities are? Team building activities are a fantastic way to improve a company’......(read more)

10 Productivity Tips to Save You Time and Help You Do More With Less

Do you need some helpful productivity tips to save you time? Personal productivity in our fast-paced society has come to be a highly valuable asset. And......(read more)

The 6 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries We May Never Figure Out

Wondering what some of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the history of the world are? History is filled with stories and tales that captivate us. And......(read more)

The 7 Most Addictive Foods in the World We Can’t Stop Eating (Even Though We Should)

Wondering which delectable culinary delights or guilty pleasures are the most addictive foods in the world? Of course everyone loves food to one degree......(read more)

5 Amazing Places You Can Swim with Dolphins

Have you ever dreamt about swimming with dolphins, and wondered where such magical places you can swim with dolphins exist? Of course, we all have, especially......(read more)

Silver Spoon: The 6 Richest Families in the World

Have you ever been curious about who the richest families in the world are (and perhaps a little envious you weren’t born into them)? Some people......(read more)
Credit Card Rewards

The 10 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the World

Wondering what the most exclusive credit cards in the world are? Money makes the world go round. And for many, money brings more money. It is no news......(read more)
Most Densely Populated Countries in the World

The 10 Biggest Tax Havens in the World to Stash Your Money

Have you ever wondered where the biggest tax havens in the world are located? Tax havens are places in the world where money is largely shielded from......(read more)

The 10 Most Deadly Diseases in the World Today

Wondering which are ten most deadly diseases in the world? The human body can be affected by numerous diseases, maladies, and illnesses. Yet, the body......(read more)
Most Expensive Beers in the World

10 Largest Beer Brewing Companies in the World

Wondering which are the largest beer brewing companies in the world? This industry has only continued to grow since the very first companies started brewing......(read more)

10 Most Addictive Drugs In the World

Curious about what the ten most addictive drugs in the world are? Drug addiction isn’t a new phenomenon: it has been around ever since men started consuming......(read more)

10 Deadliest Weapons in the World

Wondering what the deadliest weapons in the world are, and how they’re made? There are different types of weapons, and each year new developments......(read more)

10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World

Wondering where you can find some of the most expensive men’s suits in the world?  The importance of clothing and fashion shouldn’t be underestimated......(read more)

13 Tallest Rollercoasters in the World to Scream On

Have you ever wondered where the tallest rollercoasters in the world are located? If you love amusement parks, and enjoy rollercoaster rides as much as......(read more)