The 17 Most Sugary Drinks in the World

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Are you curious as to what the most sugary drinks in the world are? Soft drinks, shakes, sodas, juices, energy drinks and other beverages are incredibly popular these days, and we see them almost everywhere. many of us are now used to drinking them daily, just as a glass of water, because of how good they taste! But what’s really inside these magical drinks we all love so much?

There is no doubt that the answer is: sugar. These drinks have a surprising amount of liquid sugar, and in some cases caffeine and other energizing substances. Yet, many might ignore how much sugar there actually is inside these drinks. The recommended daily consumption of sugar is 36 grams per day, equivalent to nine teaspoons of sugar. But some of the most sugary drinks in the world can have more than that recommended amount of sugar in only 8oz of liquid. This means that one drink might have more sugar than an entire chocolate candy.

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These makes them quite unhealthy, despite the fact that many soft drinks and energy drinks are supposedly healthy. Furthermore, some beverages are pretty expensive. Our list on The 7 Most Expensive Sodas In The World features some of the most expensive sodas ever put in a can or bottle. This shows that the industry has come to be very strong, developing amazing marketing campaigns, with very strong brand images.

Among a pretty unhealthy line of products, the beverage companies have come to develop some fantastic drinks, highly addictive and incredibly high on sugar. We have gathered the top 17 most sugary drinks in the world and compiled the following list. Ready for a shock? Read on to get a big, sugary one!

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