Top 13 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in the World

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Wondering which are the most expensive mountain bikes in the world? Bicycling is a very popular activity, and in some countries, it is even one of the most important means of transportation. Almost everyone enjoys cycling, from children to the elderly, and it helps relax the body and distract the mind.


These days bicycling is considered one of the best physical activities one can do, along with walking and swimming. It is indeed one of the best ways of taking care of the body and exercising. Some people even adjust their diets to a cycling routine, consuming products such as Maca, Greek Yogurt or Wholegrain Bread, foods which are among the advised 10 Foods to Eat Before a Workout.

The bicycle market is large, and every customer can select their favorite style of bike from a variety of with different features, characteristics, models, and types. Yet some bicycles have high-tech features, and even luxury details, which make their price rise. These premium bikes can reach impressive prices, and most of them have been custom designed for famous cyclists, or produced by world-class companies such as Ferrari, with the most advanced technology.

But how much can one of these bicycles actually cost? We have compiled a ranking of the most expensive mountain bikes in the world to find out. Here are the most impressive mountain bikes ever produced, check it out!


No. 13 Enigma Titanium Bike

Price: $15,200

This bicycle is a custom-built titanium bike personalized with inset diamonds and 18-carat gold parts. The bike was a gift to Digi Foo-Kune from her husband for the Cycle show, in 2009. The bike was customized by Nicholas James of Hatton Garden, the award-winning jeweler who adorned this impressive bike.

The 12 most expensive mountain bikes in the world are still to come. Don’t miss them.

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