The 5 Most Expensive Luggage Bags and Brands in the World

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Feeling curious about the most expensive luggage bags and brands in the world? Traveling these days has come to be a regular occurrence for many a traveler and businessman or woman. In the past, traveling on trains and then later, on airplanes, was an opportunity reserved for only the wealthiest citizens of those eras, and was a chance for them to further show off their wealth with luxury travel gear. Indeed, people used to travel now only with expensive and large luggage sets, but along with their own personal attendants to manage them. With the development of technology and design, luggage became smaller and easier to handle, with advanced features which help make them more functional to carry around.


Today, luggage sets are not as common as they used to be. People prefer to travel light rather than carry large sets of bags and belongings around airports. Furthermore, airplanes have developed rather strict regulations in terms of the amount of luggage permitted on the plane, along with size and weight restrictions. Therefore, traveling with large luggage sets has become quite an expensive endeavor which only the wealthy can afford. Nevertheless, luggage sets are still as stylish as ever, with modern features and elegance. Moreover, top brands and designers frequently have their own distinctive luggage sets, adding an extra attribute to these bags.

Airplanes have indeed made moving around the world a pretty easy task, and allowed for short vacations with limited need for luggage. Airfare has become more affordable, and many airlines have managed to create low cost routes thanks to the increased demand for flights. Of course, airlines also have special prices for first-class travelers, along with exclusive destinations. Our list on The 9 Most Expensive Airline Tickets You Could Ever Buy reveals some of these insanely expensive airline tickets from commercial airlines such as Lufthansa, All Nippon and Skywest DBA United Express, though you’ll likely be quite surprised at some of the flights that are so expensive.

Of course, celebrities and millionaires usually travel with first-class tickets or even aboard private jets. And most of the time, carrying around a fancy luggage set is part of their traveling style. But, which are the most expensive luggage bags and brands in the world that such wealthy individuals carry? We’ve compiled a list featuring the most expensive luggage bags and brands in the world, to determine that very question, and made a ranking. Take a look at our list and find out the answers.

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