Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs in the World

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Wondering which are the most expensive rugs in the world? The world of rugs and carpets is a vast one, with millions of different types of patterns, designs, materials, sizes and threads. Some of the most typical materials are wool or other fibers such as cotton or silk, and they can be woven, needle felt, tufted or knotted, depending on the type.


If you’ve done any shopping for rugs yourself, then you probably know that rugs can be pretty expensive. Of course, not only does the materials from which it is made affect its price, but also its story or even its particular pattern. In some cases, some rugs are considered antiques, and have an artistic value.

Some of the most amazing rugs in the world can even add an important value to a property, should they be sold alongside it. Taking a look at our list on The Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World it wouldn’t be surprising to find one of these expensive rugs inside one of these impressive houses. Some mansions can reach upwards of $139 million, like the Updown Court located in Surrey, England.

But which carpets are among the most expensive ever sold? If you are planning on decorating your place, you should take a look at these beauties for inspiration, even if they’re a little out of your price range. Take a look at the list we have compiled a list featuring the ten most expensive rugs in the world.


No. 10 The Tabriz Carpet, Northwest Persia

Sold for: $68,500 

Like many famous carpets, the Tabriz carpet is from northwest Persia, and its design is an example of traditional Mahi field patterns and colors. This carpet is in great condition, and has a turtle design along the border. With a balanced design and a nice weight, the rug was sold at Sotheby’s at a price of US$68,500.

Nine more masterpieces of rug craftsmanship are yet to come on our list of the most expensive rugs in the world. 


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