The 5 Most Expensive Bottled Waters in the World

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Feeling curious about which are the most expensive bottled waters in the world? This might not come as a surprise to you if you are interested in the world of fancy waters, but bottled water is a pretty big business to say the least. In fact, the consumption of bottled water has doubled within the past ten years alone.


In some countries, bottled water is not only the best choice for healthy, potable water, but the only choice. In those places where tap water isn’t suitable for human consumption (if tap water even exists in the first place), bottled water ends up being a much-needed commodity. Furthermore, when drought hits some countries, bottled water is the only means of getting this essential substance, and even the most expensive bottled waters in the world are a Godsend.

Of course, in some cases the shortage of water, or even its contamination, is related with the overall lack of clean water and sanitary facilities, and the development of a country. A look at a country’s life expectancy statistics can reveal how variables such as the access to drinking water and sanitation can alter the population’s healthiness. Yet, some places not only do not lack the access to sanitary conditions, but also have pretty high life expectancy rates, such as Singapore, San Marino, and Australia, which are among The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries.

Yet, bottled water can come from different resources and be produced with diverse techniques. It can either be purified, distilled, or mineralized, it can be sparking or regular, it might be taken directly from a spring, or other sources such as the rain or artesian wells. But, how much can bottled water actually cost? In some cases, companies have aimed to create exclusive waters, taking care of each detail regarding its production, and focusing on making a luxury item.

We’ve compiled a list of just such waters, the five most expensive bottled waters in the world. Take a look and find out about some of the most luxurious and expensive bottled waters you could ever quench your thirst with.

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