5 Amazing Places You Can Swim with Dolphins

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Have you ever dreamt about swimming with dolphins, and wondered where such magical places you can swim with dolphins exist? Of course, we all have, especially those of us who saw films like Flipper during their childhood. This activity is definitely one of the top things to do before you die. A couple of decades ago, planning a trip to swim with dolphins was quite hard, as not many resorts and holiday locations offered this possibility. Yet these days this attraction has become very popular, and the number of places where you can not only enjoy aquatic shows with trained dolphins but also swim with them has increased rapidly.


Of course, when it comes to choosing a vacation spot, everyone has their preferences. Some people prefer to visit some of the most legendary cities in the world, like Paris, London, or Tokyo. Others choose nature and go to mountains and wild places. Yet, the most popular vacation spot tends to be a hot, sandy beach. Beach lovers, who enjoy lying over hot sand, and listening to the sound of the waves in the sea, know the world is filled with amazing places to rest. And some places are indeed fantastic. Our list of The 10 Clearest Waters to Swim in Before You Die reveals some of the most incredible coasts in the world, with pristine water and white sand. Cayos Cochinos, Peyto Lake and Pupu Springs are some of these amazing spots.

And yes, some of these beaches are also places you can swim with dolphins. Yet, it is important to note that not every beach venue offers this attraction; it depends on the climate, the ecosystem and of course, the regulations within the area. One thing about dolphins is certain: everyone loves them! And this is an experience that is not only unforgettable, but also educational. Swimming with dolphins teaches children how to relate with animals, respecting them and learning about their behaviors.

So, are curious to discover where some of the places you can swim with dolphins are located? Check out our list and start packing your bags!

No. 5 Shark Bay, Western Australia

Australia is one of the continents with the most incredible natural beauty. Indeed, UNESCO has declared numerous sites within Australia as World Heritage Sites. Shark Bay is a resort located in Monkey Mia. Dolphins come to this beach and feed approximately three times a day. Swimming with these beautiful creatures is open for anyone who wishes to do so.

There are four more amazing places you can swim with dolphins. Check them out on the following pages.

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