The 10 Most Powerful Gangs in the World

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Do you want to know which gangs are the most powerful gangs in the world? Gangs are spread all across the world, operating at local, national, regional and international scales. Their main activities are usually related to illegal trafficking, extortion, blackmailing and fraud, prostitution, and other illegal businesses.

Gangs have been around since well before the modern era, but over the past decades, they have increased drastically in scope, now being engaged in global operations, with new technology and sophisticated organizational structures. The United States has numerous gangs operating within its territory, and in some places gang activity is pretty intense. In The 5 Most Gang Infested Cities In Americawe can see gangs operating violently, with police unable to control the,. Cities like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia have the highest gang activity in the US.


Yet some gangs, as we know, operate worldwide. And they are indeed very dangerous. Let’s take a look at the list we’ve compiled featuring the most powerful gangs in the world. Next time you are travelling to places like Mexico or Japan, you may need to consider this information and how it could affect you, as these gangs often have a hand in all areas of the county’s operations. Check out who they are, and where they’re operating, beginning with…

No. 10 Sinaloa Cartel

Located in Mexico, the Sinaloa Cartel is one of the most active drug cartels in the world. The Cartel’s leader, known as El Chapo, is considered one of the most powerful people in the world. The cartel usually uses extortion, kidnappings, human trafficking, prostitution, and smuggling, along with of course drug trafficking. Their most shocking act was to kill people on camera and post it on the internet.

If a gang that has a firm and bloody grip on its country is only tenth, you can imagine just how strong the nine remaining most powerful gangs in the world are. Check them out on the following pages.

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