The 10 Most Overused Excuses in the World

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Have you ever wondered which are the most overused excuses in the world? We all eventually make use of some of the most overused excuses in the world to get ourselves out of a potential problem and spare us a good tongue-lashing (or worse).


Sometimes, reality helps us, and we can actually explain why we couldn’t make it, or why we are late, or the reason for not answering a phone call, etc. And though it may be the truth (or at least a half-truth), those reasons still often come across as excuses because of the overabundance of same or similar excuses being used all the time. Other times, the truth is a bit more shameful and not so graceful to be admitted to, leaving us with nothing but some cliché excuse.

Arriving late to work, missing a date, or forgetting a meeting are the most common scenarios for whipping out excuses. Indeed, no one enjoys waking up on Mondays and heading to the office, or leaving their place with plenty of time to spare, so as to be sure they get to a meeting on time. These happen all the time, and we aren’t usually bright enough or inspired enough to make up some fancy excuse. And of course, too creative sounds just that: too fanciful, and false. So what’s better than the good old “stuck in a traffic jam” excuse?

The thing with these little lies is that we all use them, so the chances of the other person believing you depend on how much they actually want to believe you (or forgive you). Nevertheless, in some cases, getting late might cost you a job position or a chance to have another date. Sometimes, there are no excuses for some of The 8 Worst Mistakes Made on First Dates. Of course dating is never easy, but some things should definitely be avoided. And arriving late to one is never a good way to start it.

Now then, we’ve gathered some of the most overused excuses in the world, and compiled this list of the great cliches of excusedom. Using them tends to be helpful, though perhaps not believable or a good enough excuse to justify the situation, so use them with care. Nonetheless, check them out, and keep them in mind for when the need arises.

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